Worlds longest cat: Mymains Stewart Gilligan (aka Stewie)

We are huge fans of Stewie the cat. Unofrtunately, his official site is unavailable. This is why we are sharing the information about Stewie here

On August 28, 2010, at the Nevada Humane Society, Mymains Stewart Gilligan was measured in an attempt to break the World Record for the World’s Longest Domestic Cat. On that day, Stewie measured in at a whopping 48.5 inches. There were several witnesses on hand to give their statements. Dr. Judy Byarlay certified the measurement and our evidence was then submitted to the fine folks at Guinness World Records ™.

On October 12, we received an email from Guinness confirming that they had awarded the world record to Stewie. We received the certificate on October 14, 2010.

In February 2011 we decided to go for another record for Stewie. On February 13, Stewie once again visited the Nevada Humane Society for another measurement… his tail. He broke the previous record by one-third of an inch. In March we received the certificate for Stewie’s record breaking 16.34 inch long tail.

In June of 2011, Stewie was certified as a Therapy Cat. He has spent time with the folks at Regent Care in Reno. We also spent time with the preschool children of Miss Mary’s class at A Child Garden in Reno. Our big dream for Stewie was to someday take him to visit the children at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Stewie visited many cat shows and other events to help promote TICA and the Nevada Humane Society.

On Christmas morning of 2011, we awoke to find Stewie with a greatly bulging eye… We originally thought he just had some conjunctivitis, but this bulging proved us wrong. We rushed Stewie to the emergency vet. Exams were done, as well as x-rays and fine needle aspirations.

That was the day our world crashed down around us. It was found that Stewie had a mass behind his eye. The days that followed were a blur. From the inconclusive CT scans and veterinarians that seemed to have no interest in helping us to find information to phone calls to figure out what was next, we were working hard to try to figure out if we could save our boy.

After being told that we should take him to Davis to find out the problem, we were still lost. We had visited Davis before with other animals only to have them die while they were there. We did not want to go there.

In January of 2012, after Stewie’s illness had appeared in the Reno Gazette Journal, we met an angel… Mary Jo Barrett… She got her son, Dr. Barrett to agree to have Stewie seen at Eyecare for Animals at no charge. Stewie went in for a surgical biopsy with Dr. Steele. The diagnosis was grim… Lymphosarcoma. Cancer.

After a lengthy search, we found that our only treatment option was over 100 miles away in Sacramento at Vet Centers of America. Stewie began treatment under Dr. Crowe’s care on January 23, 2012. There were 11 doses of radiation and countless doses of chemotherapy. Each time, we travelled over the pass to Sacramento.

After many trips over the pass, I discovered Dr. Bob Baker at Baring Boulevard Veterinary Hospital. He was able to administer Stewie’s chemo in Reno! This meant a lot less stress on our boy. He still had to go to Sacramento, but far less often.

In July 2012, Stewie achieved remission.

That remission was short lived… by October, the cancer had returned in a much more aggressive form. We returned to treatment. We fought hard.

Stewie was well enough to turn Christmas 2012 around. Two weeks prior to Christmas, we put out the word.. Stewie would play the role of Santa Paws. We begun collecting cat toys for the cats at the Nevada Humane Society. On Christmas Eve, Stewie delivered over 500 toys to the homeless cats. What a feeling.

Stewie made his final public appearance on January 27, 2013. We made the long trip to Portland to attend the TNCC cat show and to say goodbye to friends and fans.

Sadly, Stewie passed away just 9 days later.

Stewie was named World’s Longest Domestic Cat Ever in March of 2013. To this day, none of Stewie’s records have been challenged.

We are trying to continue some of the good things Stewie did… Santa Paws 2014 Drive will begin on December 1st. Email me if you wish to donate.

Thank you for loving our boy!

His is loved and missed every moment of every day. Until we meet again at the Bridge!

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