MeowTee Scholarship – Stop Animal Cruelty

Meowtee is everything about cats from grooming, care, health, nutrition, toys and activities. We cater to cat parents but we care for all! Joining with some of the big names in this industry, MeowTee has been able to create a buzz within a very short notice! Now we are here with our very own scholarship program titled:

MeowTee Scholarship - Stop Animal Cruelty

Written words are more powerful than anything and we believe, words can actually change the way people think about animals and animal cruelty.

Note: The scholarship is only for undergraduate and postgraduate students who has a passion to work against animal cruelty with love for animals of all kinds.

Every three months, 3 successful applicants will receive a $1000 reward under this scholarship!

We have already provided $6000 as scholarship since November, 2016.

The next approved applicants will be announced on February 1, 2018!

Last day of submission for February results: January 27th, 2018

The $1000 reward will be paid via cash or Amazon Gift Cards only! One applicant can only participate once in this competition.

How to Participate?

Please understand the steps carefully! It is mandatory that you follow all these steps to qualify for the scholarship.

Step 1: Write a Blog

Writing a blog does not cost anything these days. You can use free platforms like WordPress or Blogger to create your blog. Simply do a Google or YouTube search on how to create a blog with WordPress or Blogger if you don't know it yet.

Step 2: Give your blog a name that goes with the theme of our website (cat parenting)

We don't finalize our winners based on the design of their blog. We just want them to have a blog so that they can also communicate with people about the importance of standing against animal cruelty.

Step 3: Write a 1000+ word article on anything related to animal cruelty

Simply write a blog post with anything that you have in mind that can stop or minimize animal cruelty around the globe. Talk about your ideas, strategies and passion about stopping animal cruelty. Go as detailed as possible. Remember, we don't accept plagiarized content so the article has to be unique.

If you think one article is not enough to tell us all your thoughts, you can post as many articles as you want on your blog.

Please make sure that you reference any of Meowtee's articles once from your blog. This is mandatory. You can pick any article that you feel goes with your topic.

Step 4: Send us the link of your blog at

While sending us the link of your blog, make sure that you are also sending us your name, your email address, your University name & the subject that you are studying at the body of your email.

That's it!

These are the four steps that you will have to go through to participate in this Scholarship Program.

We will announce the winners based on the content of their article only! The blogs with most innovative and original ideas of solving Animal Cruelty will win the scholarship.

Thank you & best of luck!

Note: For any questions, feel free to contact us at

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