Kids and Cats (10 Reasons Why Your Kid Needs a Cat)

Kids and cats!

Sounds an interesting topic for an article and it is a brilliant one, to be honest. This article will tell you everything you need to know about whether your cat can live with your kid or not. This is a touchy topic. Therefore, most people do not talk about it. At the same time, this is a critical issue to discuss as we do not want you to leave your cat which is one of the cruelest things that you can do in a lifetime.

Having said that, we do not want your kids to get harmed either from a cat. Now the question is, is it really bad to have kids and cats together?

You will be amazed to know that there is nothing bad about the whole concept of living with kids and cats together. Yes, there are certain exceptions, but overall, there are no bad scientific effects if your children and cats live together. In fact, there are actually benefits that your kid will receive if your child lives with a cat from very early ages.

This article is about all those benefits. In this article, we will talk about 10 reasons why your kid actually needs a cat for a better life. Let's go ahead and look at the reasons.

kids and cats why have a cat

Kids and Cats: 10 Reasons to Have a Cat

Now, this is the reason why you have opened the article in the first place. Let's look at the reasons of why you should have a cat for your baby.

Allergy & Asthma

Did you know that if you have a cat at your home from the early age of your child, the chances are very less that your kid will develop problems related to allergy or asthma? Many people think exactly the opposite. In fact, some people believe that cats are the reason of developing one of these two diseases. Where that might turn out to be true once in a million time, it is pretty much guaranteed that if you have a cat with your child from an early age, your kid will never have to face allergy or asthma.

Low Blood Pressure

The chances of high blood pressure get reduced if you have a cat from a young age. Cats have that power of making you a laid back person, and it actually helps in those high blood pressure moments. However, this is not scientifically approved, but there has been more than enough approvals from cat parents which make us believe that this actually works.

If you don't believe us, go ahead and hug a cat for a few moments. You will know what we are talking about here.

Doctor Visits? No!

Different studies proved that you do not have to go to doctors often if you have a cat. This again goes back to that Allergy & Asthma issue. Cats help your body in weird ways. Their vibration and 'grr' will help your body to calm down which helps in staying fit. You will be happy when you have a cat at home which again helps in that process. All in all, the number of visits to doctors will be a history.

Outside World

One of the finest benefits of having kids and cats at home is that your kids will actually want to go out and have fun under the sky. This is something great that you would not understand unless you actually have a potato couch kid at home. Kids these days do not want to go out and have fun, thanks to the video games, iPads and YouTube videos. One great method to make that happen is to have a pet.

Your kid might not want to go out alone, but when you have your cat running in your yard, the situation is very different.

Stress & Anxiety Reducer

Cats can trigger particular chemicals of your body that helps you to remain calm. At the same time, cats work as a booster for body enzymes that help your stress and anxiety levels to go low. You do not need to do anything special to make it happen. This is natural and you would not even notice this for most parts.

Lowers Cholesterol Level

It is actually not only a benefit of owning a cat. The same thing will happen even if you have a dog. Interactive pets like cats or dogs will always help you lower your cholesterol level. Cholesterol is bad for your body as it creates issues such as diabetes and obesity. Having a cat from early age to your kid's life might help your child in the long run.


Cat ownership has always been considered as a 'conversation starter'. If you are someone who finds it difficult to talk to people, then cat ownership will help. Similarly, if your kid has a cat from a very early age, he or she will never face problems in talking to people. Cat ownership will give him lots of stories to share, and it is a natural starter too.

Ultimate Companionship

This is no brainer. You want to make sure that your kid is never alone. Where human companionship is great, a pet is even better at times. Pets can love your kid unconditionally, and your kid will also learn the value of loving animals since a very early age. These are things that eventually build someone's character.

Sense of Responsibility

You have to make your kid understand that the cat is his/her responsibility. It is their friend, and they will have to take care of the cat. From making sure that the feeding times are perfect for cleaning the litter box, you should ask your kids to do all those depending on how old they are. Try to give them the sense of responsibility. You are the one who will have to start this, and when your kids understand the value of responsibility, it won't be difficult for them to cherish that same value for the rest of life.

Obviously, even if you are handling all responsibility to your kid, make sure that you are overseeing the whole picture!

Carbon Footprint Reducer

Even if you do not care about the mother earth, it is important that you help your kid understand the importance of keeping our planet alive. Where a dog can create carbon footprints similar to a human being, a cat is very different. It does not take much to pet a cat, and certainly, it is not harming the environment anyways at all.

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