Best Flushable Cat Litter: 3 Top-Rated Options for 2021

Even the cutest animals can be a handful to take care of, and cleaning up after them is the biggest hassle of all.

As a cat parent, you’ll already know what it’s like to love your animal, but hate the mess they make. Learn from this article as we take a closer look at biodegradable, clumping cat litter you can flush, and start taking back your home.

Here are the top three choices for the flushable cat litter:​

LitterQualityOur Rating
Wheat Scoop Multi-Cat All-Natural Clumping Cat LitterA5
Better Way Flushable Cat LitterB+4.8
Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Cat LitterA4.7

Best Flushable Litter in 2021

Wheat Scoop Multi-Cat All-Natural Clumping Cat Litter

Better Way Flushable Cat Litter

Wheat Scoop Multi-Cat All-Natural Clumping Cat Litter

Let’s face it, changing out the litter is the ultimate test of your love for your animal. It’s smelly, messy, and takes time out of your day. While it’s something you’ll need to do at least semi-regularly for your pet’s whole life, it’s always amazing how quickly it comes up again.

It’s not their fault.

You need a solution before the resentment settles in, and either you or your cat says something you’ll both regret.

Luckily for you, this solution already exists. Use a flushable litter.

Flushable Is Environmental-Friendly

Before we begin, we’d like to make it clear we aren’t entirely glib about the issue of flushable litter for cats. For most people, this has more to do with their desire to save the environment rather than the laziness in disposing of their cat’s waste.

Kitty litter is problematic for the environment, traditionally.

Non-flushable litter, the kind used in cat-owning households for years and years, is a standard part of owning any cat. It’s as standard as cat food, and crucial in house training your animal.

They relieve themselves in the space you’ve set aside for them. You take the litter out of this box and dispose of it in the trash.

The Problem With Traditional Cat Litter

The problem with this system is that this waste is, most often, taken to a landfill after it’s been thrown out. It sits there, none of its components degrading, and can become a serious pollution problem, with time.

This is a serious problem, on its own, even before you realize that the average household will throw out at least one whole bag of litter a month.

With roughly 86 million cats in households in the US, alone, it’s not hard to see how this could add up to a serious problem if left unchecked.Which makes the need for biodegradable, flushable litter all the more evident.

The Benefits of Flushable Litter For Cats

You’ve decided it’s time to make a change. Traditional cat litter has worked fine enough for many years, but, really, it’s messy, doesn’t smell great, and takes too long to change.

Moving to flushable litter has a lot of advantages, and the beauty is, it’s a product that’s constantly innovating.

But what are some of the advantages to going flushable?

1. Dissolves into the Septic Tank

One of the most practical benefits of flushable litter is that it dissolves away into any body of water. This means that you can deposit it into your toilet, flush, and it will be completely dissolved before it can clog up your piping.

2. Biodegradable

Flushable litter also benefits cat owners who have concerns about the environment. Depending on the ingredients in the litter, flushable products are often completely biodegradable. Wood pulp or vegetable components are ideal for this purpose.

3. Convenience

Let’s not forget the reason a lot of us get into alternative cat litter products in the first place. We’re just plain, old tired of having to dispose of traditional soiled litter. With all of the scooping, wrapping, bagging, disposing and cleaning, it takes a whole lot of work.

With the best flushable kitty litter, your pet’s waste goes the same direction as anybody else’s in the house. No mess, no fuss. With all of the convenience of being able to drop your kitty litter into the toilet, it makes sense that this is the new standard for cat owners.

But what is it about this waste system that makes it work so well in a flushing toilet?

Understanding Cat Flushable Litter a Little Better

Before we explain how new, improved flushable cat litter works, it’s important to understand where it’s coming from.

Kitty litter has been around, in one form or another, for much of civilized, pet-owning society.

Traditionally, cat litter is often made out of something called sodium bentonite. This is a material that clumps around waste, which makes it handy for handling during disposal.

However, the disadvantage is that the cluster forms are so hard and so dense that they block plumbing, and take far longer than they should to break down.

Green alternatives are becoming more popular in households, worldwide. As they pick up in popularity, it’s important to know what your biodegradable options are.

How Does Flushable Litter Work?

The answer is: it depends on which litter you buy.

The longer answer is that biodegrading materials come in all shapes and sizes. Green litters can be made out of anything from sawdust and old newspapers to high-tech silica gels. Another alternative is soybeans and potato proteins.

Depending on the materials (or combinations of materials in some case), there can be any number of benefits in addition to it being flushable. These include improved absorption, odor control, and a marked decrease in dust and tracking.

But, of course, the focus with these products is on biodegradability.

Does Flushable Cat Litter Work?

There’s some degree of debate around whether flushable litter is or is not biodegradable and also whether or not it’s flushable.

The answer, it turns out, is as complicated as you choose to make it.

The first step to making sure you can flush your litter is to use it in the way it was designed to be used. Many pet owners assume that, since the product they’ve bought can be flushed, that they can just dump it in the toilet, flush it, and forget it.

If you’re lucky, this could work. Alternatively, this could be a short path to a clogged toilet.

You need to make sure you take a few precautions before you start.

1. Read The Instructions

Don’t brush this step off too quickly. One of the most effective ways to prevent clogging with flushable litter is to read and to follow the instructions. If your litter says “flush one clump at a time,” it’s best you do exactly that.

2. Don’t Overdo It

It’s best to keep one thing in mind when choosing a litter you can flush: no toilet is perfect. Even toilet paper and regular human waste stand a chance of sticking or piling up in a way that clogs the toilet’s pipe. No matter how small the clumps you’re flushing, or how well the litter itself dissolves in water, flush less. It’s always better to flush only the waste that you need to, and put the rest in the trash or compost.

3. Pay for Quality

As with anything else in your cat’s life (toys, accessories, food, etc) you’ll find that flushable litter gets better in quality when you pay more. Quality ingredients like wood mulch or vegetable proteins cost more because of their ingredients. If you’re looking for something with little to no risk of clogging up your toilet, be prepared to spend a bit more, for complete peace of mind.

So, with a little research, and some good old fashioned forethought, it’s possible to find a flushable cat litter that you can rely on to do the job right.

Which One Is Right For You And Your Cat?

There’s so much to choose from, and as it’s designed to take the hassle out of using it, most flushable cat litter brands come with great features to make your life easier.

The best flushable cat litter clumps well and has good odor control. It may also be important for you to find something that has minimal dust. A good trick for this problem, if you do run into it, is that you can often remove it by rolling the litter around in a colander beforehand.

Whatever brand you choose, make sure you read and follow the instructions, on the product, before you try to flush it away.


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