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How to Earn Miles with Your Cat

The summer travel adventure begins! Pets are becoming even more a part of the family, and you can carry them with you while traveling. The only way to earn frequent miles on cat transport is through booking a flight with airlines that offer this program. However, traveling with your pets does not mean you can […]

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How to save money as a cat owner – 10 tips

Did you know that the average American pet owner spends over $1000 every year for a single cat? Fear not, there are many affordable ways to care for a cat. Our guide below will help you cut down your yearly cost up to 30%. That’s at least $300 less every year that you save. Here’s how to […]

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Cats and children

Children and cats! Sounds like an interesting topic for an article and it is a brilliant one, to be honest. This article will tell you everything you need to know about whether your cat can live with your kid or not. This is a touchy topic. Therefore, most people do not talk about it. At […]

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