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9 Things Cats are Afraid of (Surprisingly)

Cats, the internet’s favorite animal, are one of the most popular pets in the United States. In fact, in 2017, Americans owned over 95 million cats, up from 73 million in the year 2000. We’re officially obsessed. Our obsession with cats has led to some pretty humorous internet content, from Grumpy Cat to videos of cat […]

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Top 10 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviewed

Unlike most of our other review articles, this is going to be a simpler one. As you already understood, we are going to talk about the best cat water fountains today in this article. A water fountain is a fun tool to have for your cat. Is this a must? Not really but it is […]

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Best Clumping Cat Litter Reviews 2017

This is going to be an interesting article. We will talk about the best clumping cat litter and which will review in this article. Now, our plan is to make sure that this becomes the ultimate guide when it comes to clumping cat litters. Therefore, the article is big. If you don’t have the patience […]

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Your Ultimate Cat Stroller Guide 2017

If you are interested to know about cat strollers, then this is that one guide which will solve all of your queries. Whether you simply want to know regular stuff about cat strollers or if you want to know about a cat stroller for two cats or more, we will try to cover everything in […]

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