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How You Can Earn Frequent Flier Miles on Cat Transport

The summer travel adventure begins! Pets are becoming even more a part of the family, and you can carry them with you while traveling. The only way to earn frequent miles on cat transport is through booking a flight with airlines that offer this program.However, traveling with your pets does not mean you can reserve […]

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10 Top Cat Blogs Of 2016

So, 2016 is almost to an end. Initially, we thought of preparing an interesting article to finish this year. But then again, we thought of a better idea.Why don’t we go ahead and compliment all the excellent cat blogs that have been doing brilliantly throughout the year? So that was it. We sat and prepared […]

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10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Cat

So, the Christmas 2016 is almost there. Do you have enough Christmas gift ideas for your cat?You probably bought something or at least planned to buy something for everyone in the family. Did you think about your feline friend?Don’t feel guilty now! There’s still time. This article is all about that. In this guide, we […]

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5 Famous Cat Movie Reviews!

Being a cat parent, it is your duty to watch all the cat movie that comes! Have you done your duty? If not, don’t worry! We have made your task a bit easier. Here’s a list of the top 5 cat movie that caught people’s attention over time. We tried to include the best ones, […]

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Can Cats See Ghosts or Spirits?

Can Cats See Ghosts or Spirits? This is a common question that many of us, the cat parents have in mind. Well, no matter how scientific we are, we can’t help it at times. Do you know the reason? Of course, you do!Cats are weird, and they behave at times in a way that leads […]

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