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Why Cats Purr and What They’re Trying to Tell Us

Is there anything more blissful and soothing than the sight and sound of a purring cat? Common knowledge says that a purring cat is a happy cat. But hold on. Research shows that isn’t always the case. Your kitty’s purrs can be a sign of something wrong. To help you better understand your cat’s purring pattern, we […]

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Cat Behavior: Why Do Cats Knead?

Cats have historically been mysterious creatures. They often exhibit behavior that can seem funny, odd and even confusing. A cat kneading is one of the most well-known, yet misunderstood, of these habits.ats kneading refers to the pushing motion they make with their paws against a soft surface. Often, this surface happens to be your lap. So […]

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9 Rare Cat Breeds You Never Knew Existed

Most people haven’t heard or have barely know about these rarest cats in the world. All cats are unique animals, but certain breeds are beyond belief. We’ve found cats with unusual features you won’t find at a local pet store. A few of the cat breeds you’re about to see are available in the United States. […]

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Can Cats Talk? How Do Cats Communicate?

Can cats talk? How do cats communicate with each other? If you have these questions then congratulations! You are at the perfect place. Today, we will be addressing questions like whether cats can talk to each other, whether they have the power of communications and all. It will be an interesting topic to talk about. […]

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10 Top Cat Blogs Of 2016

So, 2016 is almost to an end. Initially, we thought of preparing an interesting article to finish this year. But then again, we thought of a better idea. Why don’t we go ahead and compliment all the excellent cat blogs that have been doing brilliantly throughout the year? So that was it. We sat and prepared […]

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8 Most Famous Cat Breeds To Pet

Cats are without a doubt one of the most popular and prized pets all around the world. These little felines are sometimes considered as Satan’s spawn due to their moody behavior and unpredictable nature, especially when compared to that of a dog’s obedience. Regardless, many people do like to pet a cat as they are […]

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Why Cats Like Boxes – The Analysis

So, why the hell cats like boxes huh? Cats are weird. I mean, do not get me wrong, they are great and all but it does not take away the fact that they are probably one of the most eccentric, also known as the spoilt brat, species on the face of the planet. They may look […]

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Cat Tail Language: Complete Guide

You can learn a lot about your favorite pet from the way it moves its tail. Look for the tail – tell signs of your feline to understand the cat tail language. This article will help you in understanding the various ways your cat is communicating with you with just a swish of its tail. A […]

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10 Cat Facts You Didn’t Know About

So, let’s face it. We cat lovers don’t actually know all about our feline friends, do we? In this fun article, know about the top 10 cat facts of all time! They are interesting, they are fun, and they will not be of any real life help for you. Does that matter? NO! Let’s have […]

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