Why is my cat throwing up? Find out now!

We have all had that moment, didn’t we? The cat is doing just fine, and suddenly out of nowhere, your cat starts throwing up! Why does that happen? Why is cat throwing up a problem and how to take care of it? Is cat throwing up normal? Read on as we address these common questions.

There are tons of reasons that why cats vomit. Cat vomiting or cats throwing up is a common thread in almost all the forums that you will find around. Though there are numerous reasons, there are some primary ones.

Cat throwing up food: Top 9 Reasons

At first, you need to understand whether your cat is throwing up on a regular basis or is it once in a blue moon. If it is not regular, you probably do not need to worry much or worry at all. Cats throw up when they have a bad diet or food poisoning, and it is normal for them to throw up once in a while if this is the case.

Now, diet or food is not the only reason for your cats to throw up. There are other reasons too. Let’s address all of them now!

1. Eating too Fast

This is the most common reason for why cat throwing up is a popular topic! At times, if your cat gets to eat his or her favorite meal or if he/she has been starving for a long time, you will see them eating too fast. Try to calm them down when they are eating. One good idea is to let them play with a biting toy or treat for a few minutes before you give them their food. Another solution is to use automatic devices to control cat food such as an electronic cat feeder.

2. Medicine

Cats do not like to eat medicines. They do not like the taste, they do not like the smell, and obviously, they do everything on their paws to make sure that they do not have to eat those yucky pills.

3. New food

If you are offering something unique to your cat, then the chances are there that your cat might throw up. Don’t get confused if you see your cat-loving the new recipe. Even your cat doesn’t know that his/her stomach is going to betray later on.

4. Throat issues

Another widespread phenomenon is throat problems. If your cat is eating a fish or a big bone of meat, a part can get attached to the throat, and that can cause your cat vomit. The process is just like human beings, but in most cases, the object that was stuck will come out with the vomit.

5. Playing too much

If your cat is playing too much immediately after having a meal, the chances are there that your cat might throw up. It happens especially with kittens as old cats already know that they should know not to play too much immediately after they ate.

6. Allergies

Cats also develop allergies to different foods. We have even seen cats that have allergies to Tuna fish. If your cat has an allergy to a particular food time, it is always better if you do not offer your cat that food.

7. Eating houseplants

Cats do not need your houseplants. They eat it for fun, and as this is not a healthy option for their stomach, they throw up.

8. Eating table foods

Several table foods can harm your cat when eaten. This includes the most common household consumables such as coffee, milk, onions, garlic, and alcohol. Chocolate is one of the most toxic foods for cats, and with a significant amount, can lead to severe health conditions.

9. Poisoning (very unfortunate)

The last one that we will talk about is the most unfortunate cause which is poisoning. We have experienced cases, and it always breaks our heart. An evil neighbor or someone who wants to harm your cat, a drunk teenager, it can come from anybody. Try to keep your cat safe that is all we can ask for.

Cat throwing up after drinking milk: is that possible?

Think about it. When we buy cat foods, we always try to buy the best quality food for our cats but does that also happen when we are buying cat treats? Cat treats are not considered as important as cat foods, and that can cause problems at times.

Cat treats are not always great regarding quality if we compare it to cat foods. Especially, if you see that your cat treat is having ingredients such as FDC Red 4, chemical dyes or Propylene Glycol, you should make sure that your cat is not taking that treat.

Now let’s talk about milk. We all know the myth that cats love milk. Do they love milk? You see, all mammals should have milk, but apart from human beings, every other mammal should have milk from their species. So if it is a cat, cow milk is never going to add value! Only cat milk will bring value and even that is applied for a period.

Remember, cats do not have enzymes like human beings which will allow them to break down the particles of cow milk. Therefore, milk should not be given to a cat! Milk can cause cat to throw up any day!

Nutrition schedule

Did you know that the timing habit of your cat eating can also impact on the throwing up habit of your cat? Did it ever happen to you that your cat is waking you up at 5 in the morning because he needs his meal?

Now let’s assume that you are idle and you do not want to provide a meal to your cat at that time. You gave it at 7 am. Now, the chances are high that your cat might throw up from 6 to 7 period as the body of portion fed animals work like that.

If you really can’t wake up at that time, keeping some treats for those times is a good idea so that you can keep your cat busy for an hour or so!

It is very important that your cat has access to clean, safe drinking water. If you need help choosing the best water fountain for cats, read our complete guide. Alkaline or filtered water is recommended to sooth your cat’s stomach.

Vomiting in cats: when to worry

We do not want to freak you out, but at times, vomiting can be an indication of something big. You should immediately call or go to a vet if you see any of these symptoms:

  • The presence of blood in your cat’s vomit
  • If your cat wants to vomit but nothing comes out
  • Diarrhea followed by vomitting
  • If your cat appears to be suffering from deep pain
  • If you see changes such as rapid weight loss or enlarged chest
  • If you suspect that your cat has eaten something poisonous or toxic

When your cat is vomiting, you will see that the whole body of your cat is shaking. Do not be afraid. As the lower abdominal muscles of the cats get involved in the ejecting process, it seems like the whole body is shaking! There is nothing to worry though it looks sad.

Get professional help as soon as possible

Also, know that vomiting can also be an indication of something more serious such as tumors or heat stroke for your cat. It can also mean that your cat has a gland disease. The idea is simple. If you see your cat vomiting multiple times and if you do not know the exact reason, you should consult a vet immediately.

You have to understand that throwing up is not normal. Obviously, you cannot see your cat throwing up once in a while and be normal about it. There has to be a reason that why your cat is doing so! Try to understand the reason and try to take actions as soon as possible. At times, one action can make a huge difference.

Also, remember that if you are taking your cat to a vet, do not let the vet offer drugs to your cat to take care of vomiting! Always ask the vet to address the internal reasons of vomiting before he/she prescribes any medicine.


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