5 Famous Cat Movie Reviews!

Being a cat parent, it is your duty to watch all the cat movie that comes! Have you done your duty? If not, don't worry! We have made your task a bit easier. Here's a list of the top 5 cat movie that caught people's attention over time. We tried to include the best ones, but obviously, you might have a different choice.

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Garfield (2004)garfield-cat-movie

If you are a 90s child, you had to see this name coming. Garfield is an iconic cat cartoon who is portrayed as this lazy, fat and the cynical orange cat that loves coffee and hates Mondays, much like humans today. He speaks his mind and loves to sleep and lounge around all day. What made Garfield: the movie so special is that he related to the most personal aspects of us humans in the most sarcastic way: sloth, hunger, and anger. Here a little about this movie:

  • Garfield: The movie was premiered in 2004.
  • It has a runtime of 80 minutes.
  • It is a comedy genre movie.

The plot in the movies could not be any more feline. It shows how Garfield, who was not very fond of his owner Jon’s other pet Odie, was planning on ways to get rid of him. Now Odie was, however, very fond of Garfield. He would follow him everywhere, try to lick and snuggle with him all day. Odie was always looking for ways to love Garfield and win his heart. Garfield, being the smart kitty that he is, managed to get the annoying Odie out of his and Jon’s lives. But soon his guilt kicked in. He began missing Odie to the point where he turned around and decided to get his buddy Odie back home at any cost, and hence the adventure begins!

Puss in Boots (2011)puss-in-boots-cat-movie

You may have seen this cat in the Shrek movies. This cat became so popular among people with his big eyes, sword fighter get-up and sassy attitude, that directors came up with a movie just on him: Puss in boots. Here are some scoops:

  • Puss the boots was premiered in 2011.
  • It is an animated comedy movie
  • It has a runtime of 90 minutes.

Puss in boots was hailed hero for saving a woman from a charging bull in his town. He soon became an attraction to the town’s people. But his glory ran short: he was falsely accused of a bank robbery and banished from his town, when it was actually his friend who committed the crime. They become arch enemies, but soon become partners in crime to address a new adventure of stealing a gold egg-laying goose, while being joined in by another burglar into their team. This movie is both fun and funny! It is bound to have you giggling with their corny dialogues and insane acts.

Duma (2005)duma-cat-movie

Duma is one of world’s most applauded cat (or a big cat) movies of all time. I cannot begin to tell you how strong and emotional the direction of the movie is. It revolves around the relationship of a human and a wild cheetah which has had to meet its most depressing, but natural fate. Here are some things to know:

  • Duma premiered in 2005
  • It is a tragic/ informative movie.
  • It has a runtime of 100 minutes.

Duma, was taken in and raised by a little boy named Xan after the orphaned cheetah stumbled upon him on day. This was the beginning of a powerful friendship between Duma and Xan which portrays the intense bond of man and wild. But regardless of all, nature must always have it way. They soon realized that they have their own lives, their own homes, and being together is not an option. This movie captures the essence of love between 2 very unlike species. There are some very emotion and harsh life lessons that is going to have you crying and sniffing throughout the entire movie.

Doraemon (2013)doraemon-cat-movie

Doraemon is a worldwide phenomenon. His iconic blue face and gadgets have have become a global sensation. Doraemon holds a very dear place in my heart. It has been around my whole childhood and is still one of my favourite shows in the whole wide world. It is about a robot cat from the future who has comse to the 21st century to help humans as a part of his assignment. He stumbles upon a naïve, dumb boy Nobita who clearly needed his help to survive, and thus, takes him under his wing. He has some amazing gadgets that help Nobita in his daily ordeals. Doraemon: Nobita’s secret gadget museum is a Japanese animated movie that had fans swooning!

  • It was premiered in 2013.
  • It is a thriller/comedy movie
  • Its runtime is 104 minutes.

This movie is about the adventure of how Nobita solved the mystery of a much sought after topic with the help of Doraemon and his friends. It has a story to tell in its clever plot, and is entertaining for both kids and adults alike.

Ghost Cat (2003)ghost-cat-movie

This movie has a beautiful story that is bound to send chills down your spine while having to laughing to the mischief of a spirit cat. It has a supernatural aspect to it, all while being very emotional. This is one of those movies that really make you wonder of the beauty of certain dark mysteries of human and non-human bonds.

  • Premiered in 2003
  • A thriller/comedy movie
  • It has a runtime of 92 minutes.

Margaret the cat, died on the same day as her owner. Her spirit has been living in the house alone for years until a new family moved in. This movie show how the mischievous cat haunts and teases the family. This cat movie has a very eccentric plot compared to other cat movies. It has a unique story that is going to entertain you throughout!

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