Cat Dental Care: 10 Tips To Keep It Clean

Cat Dental Care! Probably one of the most ignored topic when it comes to cat grooming or cat health. Don’t worry. We are going to talk about cat dental care in details today. After you finish reading this article, you will probably not have any questions left that are unanswered, but if there is any, we have that comment section open, right?

What are we going to do today? We are going to talk about how to take care of cats teeth, why it is important and the methods that you should go for! It is not that complex, so there’s nothing to worry. After we talk about the ‘why’ part, we will also list 20 awesome tips that you can utilize to make sure that your cat’s teeth are always clean and healthy. Let’s start.

Why Think About Dental Care for Cats?

Before anything, it is important that you understand why it is important to even think about cat dental care. You see, if you don’t understand the need behind cat oral hygiene, you won’t be able actually to care for the cause. So here are all the points that you need to know first.

Cats Have Good Breath By Birth

Did you think that they are cats and thus, they will naturally have bad breath? That is wrong. Cats have great breath by birth. They never smell bad unless there is something wrong with the teeth area. No matter whatever your cats eat every day, the breath should not be bad unless there’s something wrong inside.

It is Tough To Deal With Dental Issues?

Have you ever had any dental issue? You probably know someone from your family who had, and he/she will tell you that the experience is horrible. Dental pains are intolerable in most cases. Your cats may face the same scene. Unfortunately, they are not able to express their thoughts, and that is why you have to be extra careful. You don’t want your fur friend to suffer in pain, do you?

Cat dental diseases can spread

This is another horrific thing about dental diseases. They don’t just stay in your cat’s mouth area for long. They will start spreading, and things will get even tougher. Let’s not take any chance with that. Therefore, the best idea would be to simply be a bit more careful about your cat dental care calendar, and that’s it. Your cat will be okay.

10 Cat Dental Cleaning Tips

Now that we all know the importance of feline dental care, it is time to learn what we can do to keep them safe. This is a list of tips that you can implement to make sure that your cat doesn’t have to face anything terrible at all.

1. Keep Gingivitis In Mind

The most common oral problem in cats is Gingivitis. A grown up cat can have up to 30 teeth in his mouth and gingivitis occurs when bacteria starts to grow in between the teeth areas. The reason is similar like of humans. Though cats are cautious about their eating habit, at times some food element can stay in mouth for a few days which attracts bacteria.

The simple solution is to check your cat’s mouth once in every two days. You don’t have to do anything about it really. Simply grab your cat while cuddling, make it open mouth and have a deep look at all the teeth. Use a torch if you need to. That will take care of the problem.

2. Brushing

Do cats need their teeth cleaned? Yes!

Like humans, cats also need to brush their teeth once in a while. Well, if they are stray cats and living in an open place, they can take care of their own brushing needs by chewing grass, tree sides and similar stuff. The inside cats are pet with more care, and at times, that brings bad results.

What you can do is simple. Take your time and brush your cat’s teeth once in every 10-15 days. There are cat brushes available on Amazon that you can have a look at. They are cheap and soft. There is special toothpaste too for cats that you can use. Don’t go too deep into the process. Simply do it twice every month, and your cat will be fine.

Is toothpaste bad for cats? Human toothpaste is toxic for cats and it should never be applied. You can use a specialized cat toothpaste which will increase the effectiveness of brushing your cat’s teeth.

3. Sterile Gauze Method

Cats are not a huge fan of this method but this is effective and this is more effective than using a tooth brush. The process is simple. At first, buy Gauze from your nearest dispensary. Make sure that these are medical level gauze because you will be using them to cleanse your cat’s mouth.

Now hold your cat tight and use Gauze with water to rub and clean teeth. This may sound like a brutal process, but if you be gentle and caring enough, this is a very effective one.

4. Oral Treats

This is probably the easiest method to go for. Simply buy some quality oral treats to your cat, he/she will chew them, and things will be fine.

Only, you have to make sure that you are providing quality chewing toys. In many cases, chewing toys do not really do any good other than the enjoyment of your cat (Chewing Toys always have Catnips).

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5. Keep It Away

Exactly like human beings, certain foods are bad for cat teeth. For example, Ice-Cream or anything Sweet. You probably are wondering why would someone give their cat Ice-creams, but that is not a valid question. A true cat parent knows that their cat always tries everything that they eat. Ice-cream is never off-table.

You have to make sure that you are not letting your cat eat anything and everything under the planet. Be careful, and your cat will continue to have healthy teeth.

6. Vet Checkup

Well, this is a no-brainer. You have to take your cat to a vet at least once in every six months even if there is no issue visible. That is important. We have seen a lot of cases where cat parents took their cats for a regular checkup and found problems which could have been worse later on.

Cats can talk, na? So, we have to be a bit more careful.

7. Diet

Do you know why do cats throw up? We have an excellent guide on cat throwing up, but that guide didn’t tell you one thing. Cat vomit can harm teeth too. Vomiting is bad, and you don’t have to be an expert to understand that. Vomiting creates internal conflicts, and there are also vomits which do not come out of cat’s mouth. They remain inside and harm teeth.

This is why a proper diet is important. We are not telling you to cut short food on your cat’s diet. We are telling you to understand what is important and what’s not. Make sure that the food you are providing is of high quality. The vomiting guide talks details o we won’t be repeating.

8.Occasional Bones

Treats are fine but do you know what is better? Real bones. They have calcium which is great for cat teeth. That doesn’t mean that you need to offer bones to your cat every day. But make it a habit. Try to offer bones to your cat once or twice a week if possible. Simply offer them bones that you ate already. They don’t mind.

9. It is Already Late

There are some cat parents who we hate. We are sorry to say this, but we really hate those parents. They always wait till it’s late enough because they have better things to do. Trust us; it doesn’t work like that. It is already too late whenever you first see any problem in your cat’s mouth. Don’t wait a few days to see ‘if things automatically get improved or not’. You have to see a vet immediately. That is the rule.

10. Create a Checkup Culture

If you have one cat, things are pretty different for you, but if you have a pool of them, things might go crazy. Therefore, we recommend that you create a check-up culture in your family. It can be once every month or once every two months max. You don’t have to go to a vet. Simply make sure that you mark the calendar and create that culture.

Cat Dental Care 101 Infographic

Trust us, and this will save you one day. Do not ignore these tips about cat dental health.


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