Top Cat Breeds With Long Whiskers

Here we go! If you were looking for cats with long whiskers specifically – here’s the list with xx cats with the longest whiskers.


Whiskers length: upto 6.0

If you are looking for a unique cat that is not only playful, athletic, but also friendly, then the Abyssinian breed is the perfect option for you.  They look great: small faces and funny alert ears. The most expressive in these cats are the eyes.  Green, hazel, yellow and all kinds of shades of these colors – this is not a complete list of their colors.  A long tail and thin paws are also distinctive features of the representatives of this breed.  This breed is very popular due to its good character traits.  When they run after their toys, they can do a back flip.  In addition to being very playful and cheerful, they are also distinguished by their intelligence.  To learn more about these cats, you can watch the video on the animal planet.

Maine Coon. 

Whiskers length: upto 6.5

This is a great cat breed!  Representatives of the breed are reliable friends and companions who can quickly win the love of the whole family. Their appearance is very pretty: with soft fluffy fur and funny tassels on the ears. Character differs from many cats, as they are good-natured, wise, gentle and very loving.  Maine Coon also get along well with children and other pets. Maine Coon cats have the longest whiskers – longest measure 6.5″ long!  They can resemble big teddy bears by their appearance. Born hunters and strategists, they are happy to engage in active games, but at the same time carefully dose physical activity, alternating periods of intense activity with passive rest.  These charming giants have a developed intellect, but at the same time they are absolutely not vindictive.  Maine Coon cats have rather long tails and hair.  They are very family and loyal.


Whiskers length: upto 6.5

The rag cat breed is very special. They can be incredibly huge, but their kittens are very cute.  Let’s say a cat’s record weight can reach 35 pounds.  Their appearance is extraordinary!  Widely spaced eyes are large.  All representatives of the cat breed have an oval doll.  The color of the iris is most often a deep blue. The rag doll cat breed is unique in character.  It is very difficult to find a creature more devoted to man in the cat world.

Due to their sociable nature and high attachment to human society, ragdoll cats can hardly tolerate separation, even if temporary. They need someone to always be there. To learn more about these cats, you can watch the video on the animal planet.


Whiskers length: upto 6.0

The exotic shorthair cat is a cherished dream for many people, thanks to its large expressive eyes that make it look like an anime heroine, a cute snub nose, a round face and plush fur.  They come in a variety of colors and patterns and are also very cute. Exotic cats are sociable and completely non-aggressive, so they are suitable for families with children or pets.  This is a very affectionate and gentle breed, cats follow their master throughout the house.

American Short hair. 

Whiskers length: upto  5.7

The American Shorthair is widespread in its homeland.  On the territory of Russia, Ukraine and in other countries of the post-Soviet space, the breed is extremely rare. It is a good-natured and tolerant cat that takes life as it is, preferably sitting on a sunny windowsill, where she can indulge in her favorite hobby-watching birds.  The easy-care American Shorthair coat is available in over 80 colors and patterns.This is a medium-sized, muscular cat: American Shorthair cats weigh between six and 15 pounds – and females tend to be on the smaller side.  These breeds are considered healthy and long-lived, as they live 15-20 years.  Very friendly and crazy cute.


Whiskers length: upto  5.7

The Himalayan cat is a fairly large breed with long hair and a special color.  Big sky blue eyes give her incredible charm.  This cat breed is similar in color to the Siamese. Himalayan cats are quite intelligent and friendly.They quickly become attached to their master and literally follow him everywhere. They love to bask in the arms of the household, sometimes to take part in games.  These cats love a quiet life and are well suited for people who live alone. Himalayan cats easily catch the slightest changes in the owner’s mood, require attention and affection.  Pets are good at capturing the mood of the owner and will patiently wait for attention. You can learn more about these cats on the animal planet channel.


Whiskers length: upto  5.8

The Siberian cat is the most popular breed in Russia, endowed with countless virtues, the main of which are luxurious appearance, great character, intelligence and loyalty. These cats are large enough with long hair.  As Jackson Galaxy once said, “They are big, big cats but they can jump with the best of them.”  If you are allergic to cats, be aware that this breed has less feline protein than other cats.  If you want to know more about these wonderful cats, watch this video.


Whiskers length: upto  5.8

Hello, we are cute Siamese cats.  This breed is very smart and friendly, energetic, unpredictable.  Animals can fully accept the way of life of people and repeat it, considering all family members to be big cats, or identify themselves with a person.  If you want your cat to follow you everywhere, Siamese is the best option for you.  Kittens are born white and become colored over time.


Whiskers length: upto  6.6

Just look at this cute little face with blue eyes!  Burmese cats are distinguished by excellent health and friendly disposition, they have a quiet and melodic voice.  Representatives of this breed do not cause much trouble to the owners.  These cats are very family because they are loving and gentle. A distinctive feature of the breed is the color that changes with age.  Small kittens are snow-white, but as they grow older, color-points appear, white spots on their paws.  The color is finally formed no earlier than one and a half years.  They are so loyal that they are similar in character to a dog.  They will sit next to you and wait until you finish the work.


Whiskers length: upto  4.6

These cats are very cool and unusual.  The exotic appearance of the animal is its main trump card.  An adult oriental cat is somewhat reminiscent of an alien alien. Oriental cats are intellectuals, athletes and, finally, just beauties, charming with their unique grace and elegance of silhouette.  Possessing a playful character and developed intuition, these green-eyed “Asians” easily gain confidence and are able to fall in love with even the most desperate cat-hater.  The owner in the eyes of the animal is a supreme being, to whom the pet is obliged to prove its love and devotion around the clock.  In exchange for their affection, the Orientals expect no less generosity from the owner.  Respect, devote maximum time and attention, lend your own knees for personal use, so that you can lie on them in plenty – all this oriental kitties hope to receive from any person whose house they have made happy with their stay. 


Whiskers length: upto  5.3

Bengal cat breed is wonderful!  They look like small leopards. The Bengal cat is a rather rare and therefore especially valuable specimen.  The beauty, strength and grace of large predators truly fascinate, but, of course, few people would think to keep a tiger or panther in their apartment for reasons of humanity and elementary safety.  But a small domestic “leopard” is a very real alternative.  The Bengal breed combines the best features of ancestors: not only an attractive appearance, but also intelligence, curiosity, activity, friendliness.  If you want to watch a cool video about these cats – click here.


Whiskers length: upto  5.8

Another amazing cat breed is the Bombay.  The Bombay cat is unusual in that it looks like a wild black panther, only several times smaller in size.  And the copper-colored eyes make the cat even more similar to this dangerous predator.  True, the word “Bombay” in the name of the breed indicates only that it looks like an Indian predator, since this breed is not connected with India in any way.  Despite the appearance of a predator, the character of the cat is not at all wild.  The Bombay’s favorite pastime is to purr while lying on the owner’s lap.  They usually weigh less than 12 pounds and do not shed much.

American Curl. 

Whiskers length: upto  5.0

The American Curl is a breed of affectionate companion cats with wrapped back ears, bred in the USA in the 80s of the last century. American Curls are affectionate, courteous intellectuals, remembered for their extraordinary image and fantastic sense of affection for humans.  Moderately balanced, but far from phlegmatic, they masterly break any stereotypes regarding the cat tribe.  Independence, stubborn unwillingness to share the territory and the owner with other pets, a passion for solitude – all this is not at all about Curls, who consider such habits to be the height of bad manners.  It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is one of the most positive breeds, whose representatives are desperate to grow up.  Check out this beautiful video about these cats.

Egyptian Mau. 

Whiskers length: upto  6.0

The Egyptian Mau can be proud of the fact that her ancestors freely walked through the chambers of the pharaohs and were considered sacred animals.  The royal nobility has been preserved in modern cats, who live far from the majestic pyramids and sand dunes of Egypt.  In ancient times, the beauties of the Mau were worshiped on a par with the gods.  Now the cult has weakened, but few will resist the desire to express their reverence and tenderly touch the silky cat’s fur!  A few millennia ago, the Egyptian Mau managed to “tame” a person and win his admiration.  To this day, these cats hold the title of one of the most magnificent breeds in the world.  Watch a video about these cats right now.


Whiskers length: upto  5.7

This is a cat breed that is very small.  Adults weigh only 4 lbs. Singapore cats are miniature, graceful animals with a strong muscular body.  Legs well developed, of medium length, muscular, tapering slightly towards the bottom, ending in oval legs with soft pink-brown pads.  The head is rounded, with a rounded wide muzzle and convex mustache pads.  The ears are large and broad, set straight, well open and tilted slightly forward.  Large almond-shaped eyes, set slightly obliquely, is one of the characteristic features of Singapore cats.  Eye color comes in three shades: yellow, green or hazel.  The tail is medium in length, tapering slightly to an oval tip.  The very short coat is close to the body, silky to the touch and shiny.  Here is a video with them.


Whiskers length: upto  5.0

Savannah is a hybrid cat, which is a somewhat smaller copy of a cheetah.  Its price goes off scale and sometimes can be equal to the price of a one-room apartment.  This cat breed is at the top of the list of the most expensive pets and to some extent is an indicator of the success of its owner.  For this reason, this spotted cat is rarely seen on the street.  These cats have almost no health problems.


Whiskers length: upto  4.3

Popular for its fur, the Persian cat is one of the most beautiful domestic breeds.  This is a true aristocrat who in an incredible way combines unmatched appearance, intelligence and regal demeanor with amazing affection and sincere love for her master.  Thanks to such a harmonious combination, the Persian cat is confidently ahead in the popularity rating of representatives of other breeds.


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