Can Cats Talk? How Do Cats Communicate?

Can cats talk? How do cats communicate with each other? If you have these questions then congratulations! You are at the perfect place. Today, we will be addressing questions like whether cats can talk to each other, whether they have the power of communications and all. It will be an interesting topic to talk about. You will not find information like this on regular cat blogs because they don't deal with these interesting topics (sad).

Anyway, we have all the research data! Let's start.

Cats are considered as one of the least expressive household animals when it comes to telling us about them. Stop for one second and think about a dog! They move their tails, their faces are expressive, and they do stuff to make you understand their feelings. Cats, on the other end, are weird!

They do not do much. Even some cats do not meow at all! That brings us to questions like can cats talk actually and if they can, how does the process occur!

Now, there are two directions that we can head on. There is the cat to cat communication part, and then there is the cat to the human version.

Let's start with the cat to cat communication first.can cats talk

Cat to Cat Communication

Now, there are three basic ways in which one cat communicates with another one. These are:

  • Voice
  • Body Language
  • Scent Marking


Cats do not have a strong vocabulary. They cannot express a lot with their voice when it comes to the word, and that is why they use different pitches to mean different things. If you are a cat person, you know about this. This is how a cat communicates with another one. When there is a danger, the pitch goes loud and when they are in the 'mood of love', it gets even heavier. This is how the voice communication works.

Body Language

Now, there are lots of body languages that a cat makes to talk to another cat. But at the end of the day, there are two major emotions that they try to convey One is the invitation to come closer and the other one is the ignorance or being rude.

When a cat rolls over or comes 'face to face' with another cat, that is an indication that the cat likes the other one and they want to be together and play or mate. On the other hand, when a cat turns its back to another cat, that is a clear indication that the cat does not want any company at this moment.

Obviously, biting, fighting and all those extreme emotions also fall under the body language. But those are visible enough incidents and therefore, not important to talk about.

Scent Marking

This is not actually talking but obviously communicating. Cats can communicate via scent marking. They can tell each other about the territory and area with scent. It doesn't even have to be deliberate conversation. Cats have great smelling power, and they will immediately know who owns which territory with the power of scent.

Mirror posted an article two years ago where they tried to prove that cats can talk. You might have a look at that if you are interested.

Cat to Human Communication

Now, this is the one that we all want to know about. Can cats talk to humans? The answer is both yes and no. Let us explain. We the cat owners become trained on what our cat wants and therefore, we assume that they are communicating with us. When you pet a cat for a few weeks, you know which 'meow' is the demand for food. Yes, it is that simple.

The meow itself does not have much meaning other than the tonality and volume of it. But as we become trained enough to understand the appeal, we get what they are looking for.

Having said that, scientists have decoded a few 'meows' of cats depending on pitch, volume, tone, and rhythm. It is tough to explain in an article but let us try anyway.

Let's start with the kitten meows:

Kittens, in general, have two types of meows. One is the polite help request which is a high pitched thin meow. Also, they have another meow which is a request for immediate help. It is loud, and it is scary and sad to listen to.

Now It is time for Adult Cats:

Adult cats have a better vocabulary in terms of changing their meows. The first one is the soundless meow which is very low in terms of volume. This is just a request for attention.

They also have a big MEOW like an old man which is nothing but a command to you. Also, some cats do that when they want to use litter box or washroom (depending on how you trained your cat).

If your cat is meowing continuously in a loud voice, it is definitely an appeal for help.

Sometimes, old cats do their 'grrr' which is their way of telling you that they like you.

This was a complex article to talk about especially because of the last part. We are not sure whether you understood what we wanted to express. We feel like we could have done a demonstration with a YouTube video. Would you want that? Let us know if you need one, and we will try to create one.

Let's again go back to the question. Can cats talk? Well, cats can talk actually. Talking is nothing but expressing your opinion and demand to others and cats know how to do that. Therefore, they definitely know how to talk.

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