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Your Ultimate Cat Stroller Guide 2017

If you are interested to know about cat strollers, then this is that one guide which will solve all of your queries. Whether you simply want to know regular stuff about cat strollers or if you want to know about a cat stroller for two cats or more, we will try to cover everything in this one so sit tight. This is going to be a long article.

To make things easier, we have divided this article into different segments. Initially, we will talk about what is a cat stroller and how to use them. Then we will focus more on the product reviews. We have gone through a strict process and selected ten awesome cat strollers to review for this article. Any of them will bring amazing experience for you and your cat.

So, let’s begin.

What is a Cat Stroller

ProductsQualityOur Rating
Pet Gear Ultra Light Pet StrollerB+
Pet Gear Happy TrailsB
BestPet Posh Stroller For PetsA-
OxGord Pet StrollerA
Vivo Four Wheel Stroller For PetsA-

If you know what a stroller is, you will also know what a cat stroller is. The idea is simple. People now want to go outdoor and enjoy their physical activities. At the same time, they also want to make sure that their favorite cat is with them all the time. How do you ensure that? If it is a dog, you can still think of doing something but what if it is a cat? You cannot just run around with your cat running behind you, can you?

The only great solution is to go for cat strollers. They are still a new concept in the market, but they are already creating buzz. Cat strollers are specially designed small strollers for your cat. They look good, they are comfortable, and they can handle the purposes. What else do you want?

Things to Look For When Buying a Cat Stroller

There are a lot of things that you should look for when you are buying a cat stroller. Buying a cat stroller is as difficult as buying a human stroller, so yes, you have to make sure that you are careful while buying one. What are the key points to think about? Well, let’s have a look!


The first thing to look for in a cat stroller is the size of it. This is very important. The stroller has to be in a proper size so that your cat loves using it. The rule of thumb here is that never buy a stroller which is too narrow. Extra space never creates a problem, but if it is too narrow, your cat won’t like it inside. Also, if you have more than one cat to handle, you obviously need to go for a big one.

Handle Height

With almost half Americans having back pain at one point or other in life, thinking about the handle height is a wise idea. You do not want to bend too much while you are moving the stroller. So the idea is simple. You should not buy a stroller which has a handle that is too low or too close to the stroller’s body.

Wheel Type

We recommend air wheels in most cases, but the rubber filled ones are not that bad either. If you are a quick walker, then the best idea is to choose a quality wheel so that you can have a smooth walking experience. You do not want unnecessary bounce or non-smooth ride when you are walking with the stroller. You want everything to be smooth and soothing so that both you and your cats can enjoy the moments. Therefore, the wheel is important.

Weight Limit

We have seen a lot of people who do not think about the weight factor initially and then regret later. Don’t be one of them. Do not only count the current weight of your cat but think about the future too. Is your cat still growing? Always add a few pounds if that is the case. If you have more than one cat, then you need to count the cumulative weight obviously.


This is a cat stroller at the end of the day. Why don’t you make it fun and interesting to look at? Fortunately, most good companies that are producing cat strollers have thought of that, and most of the cat strollers are great to look at. Don’t worry about going bold. Be funky and add colors to your stroller. Your cat won’t hate it.


You have to understand that a cat stroller is still a hobby driven product. This is not something that you must need for your cat, but this is a great gift and something good to have. Therefore, think about the price too. You should not spend a fortune for a cat stroller. That does not make much sense. Pay a good amount so that you get the right quality product. Don’t go too high or too low.

The products that we recommended all match these things. So you don’t have to worry.


It is very important that the cat stroller that you are buying is easy to carry around. We don’t think you should go for a stroller that is not foldable. That really makes no sense. What if you want to use your car to go to the park and then walk around? Thus, make sure that the stroller is easy to carry.

Easy to Clean

Always remember that you are carrying your cats around. Cleaning the stroller has to be easy otherwise you will be in deep trouble later on. Cats can be super messy at times, and you know it already! Therefore, don’t go for a type of stroller that’s impossible to clean on a machine. That will be your biggest mistake.

Top 5 Cat Stroller Reviews

ProductsQualityOur Rating
Pet Gear Ultra Light Pet StrollerB+
Pet Gear Happy TrailsB
BestPet Posh Stroller For PetsA-
OxGord Pet StrollerA
Vivo Four Wheel Stroller For PetsA-

This is probably the most important section of this article. Remember you saw the big 10 cat stroller comparison table above? We went ahead and did an in-depth review of 5 of them in this section. Obviously, the other 5 were also pretty decent, and we like them as much as we like these five. But we didn’t want to bore our audience with too many reviews. You already got the key points from the comparison table anyway, right?

So let’s have a look at their features and pros/cons. These pieces of information will help you to take that final decision.

Pet Gear Ultra Light Travel Stroller

Ok, so the first one in our list is the famous Pet Gear Ultra Light Travel Stroller. The company Pet Gear is a pretty popular one dominating the stroller space for a long time now, and their products are actually good which is good to see.

This is a stroller both for cats and small dogs. There are three different colors that you can go for. The wheels are big which means that this unit is safer than most other ones out there.​

The stroller itself weighs only around 9lbs which is interesting. You can easily carry it around. The foldability is there with all the strollers that we are going to review so yes, that is there too.

On top of everything, this is a decent unit to go for. This does not cost a fortune which is great.

Check Price On Amazon

Pet Gear Happy Trails

This one is also from the brand Pet Gera, but this is a different type of cat stroller in case if you are wondering. The price is a bit higher than the previous one, but the features are amazing. The weather protection along with 30 lbs of capacity is great.

Again, you will receive three different colors and the one hand fold feature is easy to use. Space inside is big enough for two cats so if you are looking for a cat stroller for two cats then this can be your ideal choice.

The no-zip feature is there which means that you do not have to worry about zipping and unzipping chains when using this one. All in all, this is a good pick for sure.

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BestPet Yellow Plaid Posh Pet Stroller

If you are looking for something simple and cheap, then this is the option that you should go for. The design is a bit different than what we are used to seeing. The unit comes in only one color which is yellow. The inner part is soft and comfortable. However, the stroller doesn’t really look like a posh unit.

It can carry up to 15 pounds of weight, and the stroller itself is super light which is another advantage of this one.

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OxGord® Pet Stroller

So, this is the first three wheeler that we are going to review. Three wheelers are interesting, and if you are interested in them, this is definitely a good pick to go for. The design is tall and handsome. They also have a four wheeler version by the way which has pretty much the same features. There are a lot of color options available for you to go for.

There is one rain hood which is of course waterproof. So if you live in an area that tends to get foggy or rainy at times, this is a good unit to use.

The stroller is durable enough which is another cool feature about this one. It is completely foldable and can easily carry up to two cats.

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VIVO Four Wheel

If color is one of your primary criteria, then this is definitely a good option. The best part about Vivo is that they offer you more color choices than anybody else in the market. From purple to regular black, you get everything with Vivo. There is an interesting pet view window with arm rest that your cats will love to use. The weight limit is around 30 lb which means that it is big enough to fit up to 3 cats if required.

The unit is very easy to carry around and obviously is completely foldable.

Check Price On Amazon

Benefit of a Cat Stroller


Unfortunately, if your cat is injured or ill, a cat stroller can be a fine method to take care of your cat. Cats are curious by nature, and your cat will love the opportunity to be under the sky with a little help from a cat stroller. Even if you have more than one cat, there are now cat stroller for two cats available which you can go for. This is a fine way to add fun to your cat’s life.


Cats always love to walk around, have fun, go up and down from places to places. Then they grow old, and things become difficult for them. In heart, your cat still has the desire to do all those. Your cat still wants to run in an open field but unfortunately, he/she can’t. Why don’t you use a cat stroller and help your cat re-live those awesome moments?

Did you see good children take their parents with a wheelchair may be and roam around? The concept is exactly like that.


Keeping aside everything, a cat stroller is just way too fun to go for. It is fun for not only your cat but also for you. They are different, and at many times, cat strollers bring positive attention from people which is interesting to have. The fun aspect is the main reason that why cat stroller is now considered as one of the most fun gifts to offer to your friend who has a cat.

Type of Cat Strollers

Like regular strollers for human babies, cat strollers also have different types. Fortunately, the types are still limited, and you will not go crazy about them.

The most common type is the jogging stroller for cats. They are the most fun one, and you can also use them for regular walking purposes. We can also divide the stroller types regarding features and other attributes, but as those were already discussed in the “Things to look for” section, we won’t be repeating.


So yes, this was our complete discussion about cat strollers. We hope you are a bit clearer now in terms of your purchase decisions about them. Let’s face it. They are fun, right? We would love to see cat stroller photos of yours with your cat. If you want to share photos with us, simply use the contact page, and we will get back to you.

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