Best Cat Nail Clippers – 5 Top Options in 2021

You know from the title that we will talk about everything related to the best cat nail clippers in this article, but we will talk about a bit more, to be honest. This is going to be an ultimate guide for you about nail clippers. You love everything about your cat, well almost everything.

You love how your cat’s beautiful, fluffy face is the first thing you see the moment you wake up in the morning, the way it meows and purrs as you brush your finger through its luxurious, silky fur; how it tip-toes its way on to your lap as you return home from a long day at work. And you never hesitate to give the best possible things in life to your beloved cat: the pest premium cat food, the safest toys, the blood of the sacrificed, and the plushest beds and so on. But the one thing that all cat owners will agree on is that they absolutely, for the love of god, hate to clip their cats’ nails.

Nail ClipperQualityMeowtee Rating
Gopets Nail ClipperA5
The Whiskers Wishers Pet ClippersA5
Pet Republique: Professional Cat Nail ClippersA5
H&H Pets Claw TreatmentA-5
The Safari Professional Nail ClippersB+4.9
Best nail clippers for cats – meowtee rating

Cat grooming is fun, and almost every owner looks forward to. You love to take a few hours of your day and turn in a spa salon intern: give your kitty a warm bubble bath with fur softening liquid soaps, quick-dry its beautiful coat with a hair dryer, clean out its ears, brush its teeth, sprits it with a little perfume and whatnot. But the one thing you just cannot get yourself around to doing is clipping its razor sharp, Wolverine nails.

Let’s be honest here though, clipping nails of a species that loves to stab and scratch you open upon the slightest movement is a tough job. One wrong move and you could end up losing one of your eyes to your kitty cat. But with the help of the best cat nail clippers, this dreaded process could soon become a thing of the past. This grooming tool could become your savior the next time you have to clip your cat’s nails. It is a great way to get the job without all the drama and the mess.

What is a cat nail clipper?

A cat clipper is a special nail clipper that is used to clip off the nails of cats. But a cat’s nail is very different from the more general nail shapes of other species. Unlike the nails of other species, it does not grow and turn blunt; it grows out to be very sharp and pointy. It also has a more tapered shape to it. Because the blood vessel on cat’s paws is blended in into its nails and is therefore difficult to detect, it is important to be extra careful when clipping their nails to avoid any bloody injury. A cat nail clipper is specially made in various detailed designs to clip off feline nails keeping these points in mind.

Types of cat claw clippers

There are many different types of cat nail clippers available in the market today. Each varies in design and results. However, the best cat nail clippers, of course, are made keeping in mind to put the cat’s comfort and safety first. Here are a few types on cat nail clippers:

1. Guillotine cat nail clipper

This type of cat nail clipper, as the name suggests already, is designed resembling a guillotine. It has a sharp cutter over an opening where the cat’s nail is inserted. After inserting the nail to the desired length, the clipped is clenched the sharp guillotine cutter chops off the nail tip. But unlike the authentic torture French guillotine, this nail clipper is very safe and comfortable on the cat’s nails.

2. Scissors cat nail clipper

This type of cat nail clipper uses the same mechanism of regular scissors. It cuts off their nails by snapping together the sharp blades from both sides.

3. Human nail clippers

Yes, you read that right. You can actually use your nail clippers on your cat’s nails as well! But while it will do the job of clipping the nails just fine, it may cause discomfort since human nail clippers are designed flatter and wider to match our nails.

5 best cat nail trimmers

I have compiled together a list of 5 of the best cat nail clippers out here so that you do not have to suffer from any more confusion when trying to pick one from a choice of millions.

Here they are:

GoPets Nail Clipper

It is made out of strong stainless steel, it has a thoughtful ergonomic design and a safety stop. What made this trimmer one of the best cat nail clippers is that it comes with a free nail file to file sharp edges after the trim.


  • Free nail file
  • It has a spring mechanism for user comfort


  • The clippers tend to lock, but seldomly

The Whiskers Wishes Pet Clippers

The last and final contender to make it to our list of the best cat nail clippers is from Whiskers Wishes. This nail trimmer is a vet grade trimmer. It is made out of stainless steel and has a soft rubber body for stable grip. It is designed for both left and right-handed users.

This tool is commonly used by local groomers. These are vet-recommended cat nail clippers.


  • Veterinarian-grade trimmer
  • Designed to fit both left and right-handed people comfortable
  • Non-slip technology


  • Blades tend to overlap

The Whiskers Wishes Pet Clippers

This nail trimmer is made with high-quality stainless steel to repel rust or corrosion. It has a comfortable ergonomic design for user comfort, it features a safety guard to prevent injuries from over-cutting. Pet Republique also offers a lifetime money back guarantee on this trimmer. Now that confident is what put the Pet Republique nail trimmer in our list of the best cat nail clippers!


  • Spacious, comfortable handle
  • Non-slip technology
  • Protective guard and safety lock feature


  • No disadvantages

H&H Pets Claw Treatment

The 2nd nail clipper to make it to our list of the best cat nail clippers is from Kurma. This nail clipper is made from strong, durable, stainless steel blades that are guaranteed to last you a long time without rusting. It also has a safety guard that lets you clip just the right length to avoid injuries. It has a very ergonomic, non-slip body that is comfortable on the user’s hand.


  • It comes in a protective and friendly case
  • Non-slip technology


  • No disadvantages

Safari Cat Nail Trimmer

1st on our list of the best cat nail clipper is the Safari 770045 Professional nail trimmer. It is a sharp, stainless steel nail trimmer whose cutting edge will last you years! It has a safety stop that prevents injury.


  • It has an adjustable safety stopper
  • Grip support


  • The nail guards are not very effective

4 Benefits of using cat nail clippers

1. For Injury

If you own a cat, you know by know how excruciatingly painful it is to have your hands and faces clawed off by your cat’s deadly sharp nails. And if you have still managed to survive the blood loss and numbness from pain, there is always another one coming your way. However, our cats end up injuring themselves with their sharp overgrown nails just as well. Cats have a tendency to scratch faces and lick their paws. Having sharp nails could prove to be just as bloody and painful for your cats.

2. For Hygiene

As prim and proper you cat may look from appearance, it is no cleaner than a public toilet, sorry. Your cat accumulates nasty debris under its nails from all the outdoor and bare feet walking and activities. This debris could spread harmful bacteria that could make your cat or your family very ill. So it is very important to clip their nails regularly.

3. To Getting Rid of Discomfort

Long nails can cause discomfort for the cat. It hinders their walking, running and hunting quality. When their nails overgrow, they tend to grow curled and tapered which can seriously hurt their delicate paws.

4. To Cut the cost

You will never have to spend another penny at your cat’s grooming salon to trim its nails ever again! If you do the math, just imagine how much money you could save in a span of a year.

How to use cat nail clippers right

The best cat nail clippers don’t just come by on its own. You have to know a thing or two to be able to pick the best one for your cat. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Pick one that is comfortable and snug in your hands
  • Pick one that comfortable slides in your cat’s nails without much trouble
  • Look for a clipper as sharp as possible to make the clipping process swift and painless

Also it’s nice to have a scratching post at home – this one will help you to trim your cat’s claws not that often and it’s a good activity for your feline friend.

Tips and tricks for a smooth and effective clipping session

  1. Set the atmosphere and mood right – Do not go around running after your cat and force it to clip its nails. The only person you are going to injure here is yourself. Instead, let the cat come to you. Talk to it softly, and slowly introduce the clipper to it to let it know it is clipping time.
  2. Comfort – Make sure you are sat comfortably. Then, make sure that you have your cat enclosed lightly by your fore arm snuggly. Make sure it is not squeezed too tight and can balance its weight on your arms.
  3. Clipping length – This part is very important. Be very careful and informed about the length of the nail that has to be clipped. Clipping too far up could result in clipping off your cat’s nerve ending, eventually causing massive blood loss and pain.
  4. Slow and steady – Do not attempt to cut the nails in one go. Take small pinches, and take your time.
  5. Accidents – Just in case you do happen to have accidentally clipped off too further up and caused bleeding, apply an emergency stopper of silver nitrate pencils on the wound until you can get it to the vet.

Also, you can watch this video on how to use the cat nail clippers right:

Wrapping it up

Here you have your best cat nail clippers. We wrote another article titled Declawing Cats: The Ultimate Guide which you might want to read too.

Also, be sure to check and refer to every important point in the article to make sure you win the better side of the bargain for your beloved cat’s next nail trimmer!


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