The Best Cat Door or Flap Guide

So, it is all about the best cat door here at this article! If you live with a cat, I think you will know by now that they cannot be owned, and they are not your pets. If anything at all, they own you, and you are their slaves. Domestic cats, in particular, live like they are doing you a favor with their existence. Have you ever seen your cat meow you a “thank you” after you fed it, cleaned its mess, fed it again, and again and again?

No. I do not think so. This is because their feline instincts have truly trained them to believe that it is the sole purpose of your existence to serve and cater to them; chant for them to the kitty gods, carry them on your back on a velvet throne, and of course, feed them all day even when they are full. But regardless of all their nasty and condescending attitudes, you have to agree: cats are some pretty boss creatures. They are a reflection of everything powerful.

They are independent (they do catch dead mice once in a while), they listen to no one, they will do whatever they wish to do, they have 9 lives for god’s sake, they always land on their feet, and they come and go around the house wherever and whenever they feel like. That’s pretty cool if you ask me. Now, one particular problem that cat people face with their cats’ booming freedom and royal living is the door. Yes, the door. You may have 99 problems, but your door is the worst of them.

Cats love to be able to come in and go out of the house as they please. Because they have social life to maintain, unlike you, they tend to move in and out at just about any hour they feel like; there is no stopping it. And your door is an obstacle on their way, since their little paws cannot get to it when you are not around to open it for them. And as much as you would love to stand by the door all day for them, it is not possible. One great solution to this is by installing a cat door for them!

best cat door reviews

What is a cat door?

A cat door is exactly what it sounds like, it a door for your cat. Done. These tiny little doors are also called cat flap, or a pet flap. A cat door is a small gateway or portal that is installed on to a wall, window or any doors in the house or building to facilitate your cat to enter or exit the room or place on their own, whenever they want, as they please. Cat doors have always been very popular, and people have been using it for decades to address the problem regarding their cats’ free movement and access to and from the house.


There are many different types, of pet doors in the market. Cats door and dog door being 2 of them. While they serve the same purpose, the different lies in their size. Dog doors are obviously larger than a cat door. Most dogs won’t be able to enter your home through your cat’s door, but your cat is a ninja, it can enter through any dog door.

ImageNameSize (Inch)MaterialBuy Now
Cat Flap 4 Ways Locking Cat Door9.8 X 9.0ABS PlasticCheck On Amazon
PetSafe Interior 2 Way Locking Cat Door5.75 X 5.75High Impact PlasticCheck On Amazon
Homdox 4 Way Locking Cat Door17.2 x 14.0ABS PlasticCheck On Amazon
Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door9.2 x 11.5 x 12.5Regular PlasticCheck On Amazon
Interior Pet Door by Cathole9 x 8.8 x 1.4Hard PlasticCheck On Amazon

Benefits of Using a Cat Door

If people have been using it for so long, and have been loving it ever since its invention then cat doors must be doing something right! Here are a few reasons for you to get the best cat door possible from your next trip to the pet mart:

  • Cats answer to no one; the faster you accept it, the better. If you think you can set a fixed, logical and disciplined time table for your cat’s trips into and out of your home to suit and compliment your lifestyle, you may want to reconsider that. Your cat has a time table and routine of its own, and its routine is greater than your routine. So, accept your fate and let the cat live it life the way it wants if you do not want any feline trouble.
  • As much as you would like to blame your cat of living a rebellious lifestyle, staying out too late, partying with its friends too much and all, you have to understand that this is very instinctual of cats. Domestic cats need just as outdoor time and physical movements as their wild or stray counterparts. It is essential for their mental, physical and psychological health. They can go out to play, socialize or hunt as they feel. Ask the crazy cat lady, she agrees too.
  • Cats doors are a further aid to their freedom. The cats can come in and out without having you to open the door for them every time. Well, they like not having their slaves around them all day; they appreciate the privacy. But more importantly, cat doors are great for you too. No, use cannot use it if that is what you were thinking, but it can definitely save you a lot of energy and time.
  • Potty training! If these 2 words do not convince you to get one, nothing will. Cat doors are great if your cat is learning to answer to nature’s call without making a mess inside the house. They can get out and relief their bladder whenever they want without having to wait for you to open the door for them.
  • Even the best cat door does not cost a fortune. These are very inexpensive, and come with a great variety and features as well.
  • Cat doors are very easy to install. The best cat door will have a very thoughtfully designed installation system for comfort of both the animal and the owner. Most just require you to cut out a template hole on a door (or anywhere to want the cat door) and install it as per the instructions provided. You’re done!

Types of Cat Doors

Needless to say, cat doors come in several features and designs. Here are a few:

  • Basic 4 way locking flap– this cat door allows you to fix a setting that could allow your cat to only get in, not out and vice versa.
  • Magnetic flap– this type of cat door opens only from contact with the magnet carried on your cat’s collar. It is great if you want to avoid access of any other animals into your home through the cat door.
  • Microchip flap– this type of cat door work the same way as a magnetic flap, except it uses a microchip. You can set a curfew on this type of cat door that will shut down the entry or exit of your cat after the allotted time.

Things to look for when purchasing the best cat door for your cat

  • Size- consider the size of your cat prior to purchase. Try on a few cat doors.
  • Intruder- make sure you buy a cat door that does not give access to unwanted intruders into your home.

5 Best Cat Door Reviews

Finding the best cat door could be hassle, so we have compiled a list of 5 of our top ones that will cover all that you need to know in order to pick the best cat door for you and your cat:

Cat Flap 4 Ways Locking Cat Door From Lifepul™the-cat-flap-4-ways-locking-cat-door-from-lifepul

The best cat door will allow your beloved fat cat you enter and exit the house comfortable, without getting stuck or scratches. This cat door measures 9.8 x 9 x 2.1 inches in dimensions. It is a 4 switch model which means it lets you set the door to 4 modes: enter only, exit only, enter and exit, and locked, giving you complete control. It is also weather proof, and comes with installation help guide.


  • 4 different modes
  • Made with quality and durable materials
  • It is adjustable and easy to install


  • Its hinges tend to malfunction at times.

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PetSafe Interior 2 Way Locking Cat Doorpetsafe-interior-2-way-locking-cat-door

Our 2nd best cat door is a 2 way locking cat door. This cat door allows for 2 settings: entry only or exit only. This limited setting trains and disciplines your cat to use the door punctually. It is made high-impact, white plastic and a hard flap. It has an opening size of 5 ¾” x 5 ¾” width and height.


  • It is made with quality and durable plastic materials
  • It is great for training the cat of curfew hours of the house


  • It has a limited entry and exit settings
  • It is for installation in interior doors only

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Homdox 4 Way Locking Cat Doorhomdox-4-way-locking-cat-door

This cat door is a 4 way locking door with a transparent flap that lets your cat see what’s on the other side of the door. It comes in 2 sizes and comes with the pet door only. Its choice of sizes, and clever transparent flap maybe what makes this the best cat door for you!


  • It allows 4 settings mode for maximum control
  • Has a transparent flap


  • It is made with cheap plastic

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Kitty Pass Interior Cat Doorkitty-pass-interior-cat-door

This is one of the cutest cat doors on our list. It is a white, cat shaped cat door that easily fits into all standard interior doors. It has a smooth, wide opening measuring 11.5 x 9.2 x 12.5 inches in dimensions.


  • It is really cute and blends into the interior just fine.
  • It is wide.


  • It does not have a lock mode

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Interior Pet Door by Catholeinterior-pet-door-by-cathole

This cat door measures 9 x 8.8 x 1.4 inches in dimensions. It is easy to install and separates the cat’s litter box from the house. What makes this my choice for the best cat door is that it features a bristle brush which borders the entire door.


  • Its bristle brush is great for cleaning any unwanted dust or dirt from the cat’s body before entering or exiting a room


  • It is installable on interior doors only

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So there you have it: top 5 cat doors. Identify and choose what you and your cat needs from this list, and buy the best cat door possible!

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