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Let’s face it! No matter how awesome it looks to see a cat traveling, it is not always a nice experience for the parent. If you have ever had a cat and tried to travel or move with it, you know the experience we are talking about. The best cat carrier units will always make a positive impact at least for your cat to make the moving experience a bit better.

Whether it is a car trip or a walk to your neighbor, cats hate it when you try to move them. I have personal experience of trying to move my cat with a leash and i know how it feels. More importantly, your cat might also face pain or uncomfort in this whole process which you as a parent should not allow. Therefore, the best cat carriers seem an ideal solution.Best Cat Carrier

The cat carriers are actually a modern version of those old school crates. Remember the crates that had one door/window which used to be made of steel? Yes, that is what they used to be but come on! The world has changed and now we have the cat carriers.

Have a look at the most famous cat carriers in this chart below and then we will continue the discussion!

The Best Cat Carrier Reviews!

NameImageSizeWeight LimitAirline Approved$$$
Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel24 Inch15LbsCheck Current Price
AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel19 Inch/24 Inch3.13Lbs/4.95LbsCheck Current Price
AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel CarrierSmall, Medium & Large8 LbsCheck Current Price
U-pet Innovative Patent Bubble Pet CarriersUniversal Size16 PoundCheck Current Price
Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack Pet CarriersMedium12 PoundsCheck Current Price
Soft Sided Dog CarrierLarge20 PoundsCheck Current Price
OxGord Airline Approved Pet CarriersMedium, Large18 PoundsCheck Current Price
KritterWorld Portable Comfort Soft SidedLarge10 LbsCheck Current Price
Petmate Compass Plastic KennelAll Sizes10 LbCheck Current Price
Suncast 23 in. Deluxe Pet CarrierMedium, Large30 LbCheck Current Price

PetMate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel- The Best Choicepetmate-two-door-top-load-pet-kennel

If you ask us which one to go for, we will undoubtedly tell you to go for PetMate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel! This has been a top seller and definitely the best cat carrier that you will come across. It does not offer you anything fancy but simple features.

There are colors available for you to go for. There is a door at the top and there is also a side door for easy access. The model is durable and your cat can easily fit in if your cat is around 15 inch in terms of length.

The PetMate Kennel is made of both plastic and steel. It is very durable and it gives you that feel of trust. Things are comfortable inside for your cat and there’s more than enough ventilation to be happy about.


  • Great design
  • Good price
  • Durable
  • Tons of Happy Customers


  • They are not for big cats

AmazonBasics Two Door Top Load Pet Kennelamazonbasics-two-door-top-load-pet-kennel

Obviously, the company did not put much attention on naming the cat carrier but they have done one thing right. They made sure that this becomes one of the best cat carrier units of all times.

The carrier comes in two sizes. Those are 19 inch and 23 inch! This is also a two door design and one is on the left where the other door is at the top.

The steel wire along with plastic combo gives it a very fine and durable look. Obviously, the carrier is airline accepted and you can take it almost anywhere. There’s very less to differentiate between this one and the best one that we picked right before! Both are extremely good products, they are light and they both will keep your cat happy which is most important.


  • Great price
  • Good design
  • Very secured construction
  • You can easily carry two cats if you pick the large size


  • The top cover is not strong enough

AmazonBasics Soft Sided Pet Carrieramazonbasics-soft-sided-pet-travel-carrier

This is another cat carrier from the same Amazon Basics and again, they put all their efforts into the design. So if you didn’t like the last product and are looking for a soft sided version then this is the one that will excite you.

There are three versions available for you including a small, medium and big one. The shoulder strap is adjustable and you can easily carry your cat on your shoulder if you are going for this carrier. Another great benefit is in the cleaning phase. As this is a soft carrier, you can easily clean it using a washing machine.

The company calls this a VIP carrier and we would love to call it one of the best cat carrier units. The inside part is very comfortable and your cat will love to sleep inside whether you are traveling or not.

On top of everything, it comes with a one year warranty too!


  • 1 year warranty
  • Machine washable
  • Very soft inside
  • Shoulder carry option


  • Not for big cats

U-Pet Innovative Bubble Pet Carrieru-pet-innovative-patent-bubble-pet-carriers

U Pet has recently took over internet by storm. This is considered as one of the top inventions in the cat world of recent times. As you can understand from the photo, this is an unit which you can carry at your back. That is an awesome experience.

Obviously, you won’t have to worry about the ventilation. Though the bag looks stiff, you can see those big holes at the sides which provide enough air for your cat! The Bubble helps your cat to look around. The inside is comfortable enough and there are tons of color options for you to choose from.

This carrier is already approved by almost all airlines and this is a fun one too!


  • Lots of colors
  • Unique and interesting
  • Very comfortable inside
  • Easy to clean


  • Not that comfortable for big cats
  • Cats take time to like it

TexSens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpacktexsens-innovative-traveler-bubble-backpack-pet-carriers

So this is another variation of the model that we just talked about and if you did not like the previous one, there is a chance that you might like this one.

Again, the features are very similar. There are around 10 colors available for you to choose from. As you can see, the ventilation options are actually better in this unit as there are ventilation option all around the backpack.

This model is not made of plastic which is another thing to notice.

The shoulder straps are comfortable and all in all, it is a happy experience!


  • Great ventilation
  • Mesh made body
  • Lots of color options


  • Not for big cats
  • Cats take time to adjust in this weird shaped unit


Why Should You Go For a Cat Carrier?

We actually addressed the reason in the introduction of this article but if you still need to be convinced, here it goes! You should go for a cat carrier because you do not want your cat to be unhappy and you obviously do not want your cat to be at home alone when you are traveling.

No, seriously. A cat carrier can make your life so easy as a parent. Cat carriers are easy to carry which means that you do not have to face pain in the hand joints whenever you travel with your cat. There are those soft handles that makes it easy for you and on top of it, there are some units which will allow you to carry your cat at the back. Isn’t that awesome?

According to me, every cat parent should have a cat carrier. Obviously, if you do not travel with your cat or if you won’t have to travel with cat in future either, there is no point in going for even the best of the best cat carrier units but apart from that, you need one! Why? Because those old steel made crates should never be used!

Those old steel made crates were tough for you and for your cat too. Cats love to stay in a warm and comfortable space. Obviously, when you are moving with your cat, cats get afraid as they don’t like it which results into more fear. Combining all of these, a steel made crate makes the life of your cat horrible in that trip and your cat will always fear traveling if you do so.

On the other hand, a crate is soft and it is warm inside. The dark scenario also helps and obviously, as your cat will not move a lot inside when it is comfortable there, it will be easier for you to carry the cat carrier too.

How to Choose the Perfect Cat Carrier?

There are certain things that you should look for when you are searching for a cat carrier. After all, we are trying to find that best cat carrier for you, aren’t we? Though there are a ton of requirements, a good carrier should have some basic ones in common. This section is all about those.

In this section of the article, we will tell you the things that you should look for when you are searching for the best cat carrier. It is not that tough as it sounds so don’t worry!


The first thing to look for when you are searching for the perfect cat carrier is the size. Size is probably the most important variable too which you need to consider. Now, there is a cache here! If you now have a kitten then you can either go for a small cat carrier which you can change later on or you can also go for a big one and let your kitten grow in it. If you have multiple cats then the whole equation is different.

When you have more than a cat, you have to make sure that you are buying a cat carrier big enough which can accommodate all of your cats. It is not easy to carry 3-4 cat carriers when you are traveling. Don’t worry! Cats do not fight a lot when they travel.

When you are finding the best cat carrier, make sure that you are thinking about the weight of your cat too. If your cat is overweight, you will need a carrier that can support those extra weights. Remember, you might have to take cat food, toys and similar stuffs in that same carrier so those will add up weight too. Think about these terms and you will be safe in terms of size.


They next variable to think about is the ventilation. Make sure that your cat is having more than enough air inside so that there is no chance of accidents. We haven’t seen cat carrier companies that do not think about ventilation but it can come from you too so it is better if you are careful. We have heard stories where people kept another small bag on top of their cat carrier and it covered the ventilation parts. Don’t go for such silly mistakes.


The third thing to worry about is the safety. You have to make sure that all the sides of the cat carrier is strong enough to take pressure. Your cat might try to tear the sides or the corners! Also, you have to check whether the handle can take pressure or not. Your cat might move inside initially and if the handle is weak, it will tear apart.

Other than these basic stuffs, make sure that the buttons or the zippers are on the outer side of the bag. You do not want your cat to get hurt with the corner of a zipper. Everything that is hard should be on the outer side. It is that simple.


Let’s face it. It gets difficult at times to clean the cat carrier no matter how awesome it is. Things get messy inside. You have to think about that early and make sure that you are going for a carrier which will be easy to clean later on. We, with our experience have seen that the hard body cat carriers are easier to clean than the soft ones. It is your call at the end of the day!

Top Loading vs. Front Loading

There are some cats who are very powerful and won’t allow you to make it go inside if the carrier is a front loading carrier. A front loading carrier is one in which the cat will enter from the front like a regular crate. On the other hand, the top loading carrier is one where the cat will enter from the top.

This is the basic difference and it depends on your cat on which product type you should go for. If your cat is powerful and you do not want to get those marks on your hand, going for a top loading cat carrier would be your best choice.

Hard Side or Soft Side?

There are two choices for you when you are looking for the best cat carrier model. You can either pick a hard side or a soft side carrier. If you are buying a soft side carrier, you will enjoy the privilege of carrying a light cat carrier where the case is completely opposite when you are buying a hard side cat carrier. The hard side adds weight.

Also, think about your storing needs. Do you need to store your cat carriers in a small area? If that is the case, then going for a soft sided carrier would be the best option for you.

You can enjoy the same benefits with hard carriers too if you buy one which is not fixed. Means you can take away different parts and join them when you will use the carrier. That saves space too!

Additional Benefits

It is always fun to get some extra benefits when you are buying a cat carrier. There are some carriers that come with toys and catnips inside There are some other ones who offer gifts. Look for those extra benefits if you wish. A gift is always fun to get!

Do You Travel By Air?

This is another important thing to consider when you are looking for the best cat carrier. If you are a frequent traveler, this is probably the most important thing that you need to consider. Not all cat carriers are supported by airlines and you need to think about that too!

In most cases, here are the requirements that airlines ask for:

  • The cat carrier has to be waterproof at least at the bottom end!
  • Mesh ventilation is another primary requirement but if your cat carrier doesn’t have mesh ventilation, having regular ventilation in both sides will also do for most airlines
  • Zipper lock is a must when you are traveling on an airline
  • The cat carrier should be big enough to accommodate the full cat! No airline will accept it if your cat’s head or tail is popping out of the carrier.

You can check Pets & International Travel if you are living in United States to see the requirements.

Training Your Cat For The Cat Carrier

No matter whether it is the best cat carrier on planet or not, the chances are high that your cat will not like the carrier on the first go! You have to train your cat to like the cat carrier. There are certain things that you can do to make that best cat carrier actually meaningful. This section is all about that. Let’s learn how to train your cat for the cat carrier.

Habit, Habit

Cats believe in having a fixed habit. If they are doing something on a day, you can always bet that they will do that same thing on the next day too. You have to make sure that the cat carrier blends in the life of your cat in a natural way. One good idea is to use your cat carrier as a furniture.

Even if you are not traveling, keep your cat carrier open and place it at one corner of your home. You will see that your cat is going in and out of the carrier. Let it be natural and don’t push anything. Soon your cat will get habituated with the carrier.

Smell is the key!

The smelling power of cats is 14 times better than human beings. You have to make sure that the cat carrier is smelling right so that your cat is not afraid of the carrier. One good idea is to place something inside that your cat uses on a regular basis. It can be a toy, a cloth or bed and if you don’t find anything, simply cuddle with your cat for a few minutes and then place that t-shirt of yours inside. That will do the trick.


Now, you have the best cat carrier on planet. It is time to know some tips to make that traveling experience even more awesome. This section is dedicated to that. So here it goes:

  • Make sure that you are not feeding your cat anything from at least one hour prior to the journey. This is not because your cat will poop and damage your cat carrier. It is because we don’t want your cat to face travel sickness.
  • If the zippers are inside the carrier, make sure that you use a scotch tape and don’t allow those to move. Even if those are at the outer part, using a scotch tape is a good idea because your cat will be able to see it moving from inside. We all know what will happen next.
  • Do not ever put your cat carrier at the ground (on roads especially) when there are dogs around. It can cause serious accidents.
  • When you are placing your cat inside the cat carrier, always make him/her face the other side so that your cat cannot the carrier at the beginning. This will save you time.


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