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Top Cat Breeds With Long Whiskers

Here we go! If you were looking for cats with long whiskers specifically – here’s the list with xx cats with the longest whiskers. Abyssinian.  Whiskers length: upto 6.0 If you are looking for a unique cat that is not only playful, athletic, but also friendly, then the Abyssinian breed is the perfect option for […]

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How to Earn Miles with Your Cat

The summer travel adventure begins! Pets are becoming even more a part of the family, and you can carry them with you while traveling. The only way to earn frequent miles on cat transport is through booking a flight with airlines that offer this program. However, traveling with your pets does not mean you can […]

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How to save money as a cat owner – 10 tips

Did you know that the average American pet owner spends over $1000 every year for a single cat? Fear not, there are many affordable ways to care for a cat. Our guide below will help you cut down your yearly cost up to 30%. That’s at least $300 less every year that you save. Here’s how to […]

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Cats and children

Children and cats! Sounds like an interesting topic for an article and it is a brilliant one, to be honest. This article will tell you everything you need to know about whether your cat can live with your kid or not. This is a touchy topic. Therefore, most people do not talk about it. At […]

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Cat Tail Language: Complete Guide

You can learn a lot about your favorite pet from the way it moves its tail. Look for the tail – tell signs of your feline to understand the cat tail language. This article will help you in understanding the various ways your cat is communicating with you with just a swish of its tail. […]

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How do cats communicate? Can cats talk?

Can cats talk? How do cats communicate with each other? If you have these questions then congratulations! You are in the perfect place. Today, we will be addressing questions like whether cats can talk to each other, whether they have the power of communications, and all. It will be an interesting topic to talk about. […]

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Can Cats See Ghosts or Spirits?

Can Cats See Ghosts or Spirits? This is a common question that many of us, the cat parents have in mind. Well, no matter how scientific we are, we can’t help it at times. Do you know the reason? Of course, you do! Cats are weird, and they behave at times in a way that […]

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