About Us

MeowTee is a fun blog dedicated to cats and the cat parents. We here talk about anything and everything that is even remotely related to cats. Obviously, as you can understand, the website is run by a group of Cat lovers. Currently the group has 6 members from all over the world.

MeowTee was launched first in October, 11th, 2016. You can call this the birth of our domain but the idea of creating a one place solution for all the cat lovers from around the world was there all the time. We always wanted to create a website where cat parents will come not only for fun but also to find information which are important.

That is the mission of MeowTee. Though we do not offer vet advices on MeowTee, one of our team members is a licensed Veterinarian. He does not want to disclose his name as he doesn’t want to take any additional advantage in his practice by saying that he is a member of the core team of MeowTee. We respect that!

If you are a cat lover, this website is for you! Even if you do not have a cat, you will enjoy visiting our website. We constantly publish new articles and we make sure that you spend a happy time in MeowTee.

If you love our website or if you support the mission of us, make sure that you share our content or at least give our link to one of your cat friends.

We thank you for taking your valuable time in reading this page!

MeowTee Team