9 Most rare cat breeds you didn’t know existed

Most people haven’t heard or have barely know about these rarest cats in the world. All cats are unique animals, but certain breeds are beyond belief.

We’ve found cats with unusual features you won’t find at a local pet store. A few of the cat breeds you’re about to see are available in the United States. You may need to have a keen eye and a large bank account to find them!

Get ready to see some of the most amazing cats in the world. In this article, you will learn about nine rare cat breeds.

1. Korat

Key fact: a very expensive and rare cat breeds given as a wedding gift.

The Korat is one of the oldest living cat breeds in existence. The eyes of a Korat will have a golden hue throughout the kitten phase. As a Korat ages, their eye color changes to a bright shade of green. This rare cat has shades of blue and gray in its coat.

This cat originates from Thailand. The Korat’s rarity has made it a cultural symbol of good luck. Throughout history, the Korat was a valuable wedding gift at fancy ceremonies. Newlyweds would receive a pair of Korat cats to help signify a success filled marriage.

The Korat was not found in the United States until the 1960s.

2. Kodkod

Key fact: one of the smallest breeds, but one of the fiercest.

This cat breed is the smallest in the Americas. The Kodkod varies in colors including shades of brown, yellow, and gray. A Kodkod will only grow to be about five pounds. This animal is even smaller than the standard house cat.

Don’t let the Kodkod’s size fool you; they are capable hunters. A Kodkod spends most of its life in treetops. From birth, the Kodkod learns to eat, play, and sleep all around trees. Hence, they are often found in areas such as the forest and jungle.

3. Egyptian Mau

Key fact: The cheetah of the domestic breeds. It is the fastest domestic cat.

Catching a stray Egyptian Mau would be tough. The Egyptian Mau is the fastest domestic cat, reaching speeds over 30 miles per hour. This rare cat breed has a distinct set of a song like vocal chords and bright green eyes. The Egyptian Mau has a friendly but shy demeanor. This cat breed has a tough time with strangers but warms up fast.

You might think that the Egyptian is only found in Egypt, but this kind has made its way to the United States.

4. Sphynx

Key fact: a breed that is missing one important feature: no visible fur.

The Sphynx cat breed may sound historical, but it has only been around since the 1960s. What makes the Sphynx rare is that it has no visible fur. The markings of a Sphynx will appear on the skin instead of the coat. A lack of fur means that the Sphynx loses body heat faster than other breeds.

The Sphynx must remain out of the sun because their skin is prone to sunburns. The lack of fur a Sphynx has means they still need cleaning. A Sphynx’s skin collects oil which makes regular bathing necessary.

We have a very cool guide with the best Sphynx cat clothing options. If you like this breed – you should definitely check it out!

5. Japanese Bobtail

Key fact: inspiration beehind a popular cartoon: Hello Kitty

Since ancient history, the Japanese Bobtail has helped control the rodent population in Japan. The Japanese have made this cat breed the source of much folklore.

Few cat breeds are the inspiration behind a cartoon. The Japanese Bobtail is the breed behind the popular Hello Kitty franchise. Owning a Japanese Bobtail is popular because they are great cats for people with kids. This cat breed has short fur which makes upkeep easy for busy families.

6. Scottish Fold

Key fact: The only cat breed with unique set of ears.

You’ll first notice that the Scottish Fold has different ears. This rare cat breed is born with a lack of cartilage. The ears of a Scottish Fold appear to fold forward and down.

It’s common to hear of this cat compared to an owl in its appearance. From a distance, it looks like this cat breed has no ears at all. The Scottish Fold is still able to hear through their folded down ears. This cat breed has a sociable and friendly demeanor to human beings. Music superstar Taylor Swift owns two Scottish Fold cats.

7. Manx

Key fact: A cat breed with no tail.

The first thing you’ll notice about a Manx is they have no tail. This rare cat breed is born without a tail from a genetic mutation. The Manx is cat breed that is only found on the Isle of Man. A Manx has a coat that ranges in both color and markings. This rare cat breed was first discovered in the 1800s.

A Manx is a playful breed that loves cat activities. This cat is often compared to a rabbit for its lack of tail and longer hind legs.

8. Sand Cat

Key fact: a rare cat breed residing in desert region

This animal is the only cat known to live in the desert. The Sand Cat can withstand temperatures up to 124 degrees. The thick padded feet of a Sand Cat allow them to walk in the wilderness without pain.

A lack of water is common in desert areas across the world. The Sand Cat can survive from the fluids of animals they hunt. This cat has wide ears which make hunting easy in harsh desert conditions. It’s common for this type of cat to have a base of brown fur.

The sand cat can have markings including stripes, spots, or both. This animal was first found in the Sahara desert.

9. The Margay

Key fact: Similar to an ocelot, lives in the forest with adaptability skills such as mimicking sounds of prey.

The Margay is a smaller cat breed found in South and Central America. This cat is rare in both appearance and population numbers. The Margay looks almost like an ocelot with its brown, black, and white coloring. This cat stays awake throughout the night, usually in a forest environment.

The Margay has rare features including the ability to rotate its ankles 180 degrees and can mimic the sounds of its prey. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about nine of the rarest cat breeds. Feel free to share this article with any other cat lovers you know!

Most rare cat breeds interesting facts chart

Cat breedInteresting fact
KoratA very expensive and rare cat breeds given as a wedding gift
KodkodOne of the smallest breeds, but one of the fiercest.
Egyptian MauThe cheetah of the domestic breeds. It is the fastest domestic cat.
SphynxA breed that is missing one important feature: no visible fur.
Japanese BobtailThe inspiration behind a popular cartoon: Hello Kitty
Scottish FoldThe only cat breed with a unique set of ears.
ManxA cat breed with no tail.
Sand CatA rare cat breed residing in desert region
The MargaySimilar to an ocelot lives in the forest with adaptability skills such as mimicking sounds of prey.

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