Cat Christmas presents: 10 best ideas for 2021

So, Christmas is almost there. Do you have enough Christmas gift ideas for your cat?

You probably bought something or at least planned to buy something for everyone in the family. Did you think about your feline friend?

Don’t feel guilty now! There’s still time. This article is all about that. In this guide, we will talk about 10 brilliant Christmas gift ideas for your cat.

Meowtee is hopeful that you will find something for your cat in this list of gift ideas. Let’s start.

YNQ Modern Style Cat Tree

Your cat probably sleeps with you, and that’s normal. A cat house is not for your cat’s sleeping purposes. It is for entertainment purposes only. Where there are more than a few options out there, the one that we recommend is OxGord which is a tunnel and bed combo. The inside part is super soft and comfortable. At the same time, it works as a tunnel toy for your cat.

Another reason for choosing this item is the price. This is one of the cheapest units that you will find around that also offers quality.

This gift will make the Christmas for cats a very special day!

K&H Heated bed

You are a cat parent, and you know what we are talking about. Cats love warm spots, and that’s why they always sit on laptops, on top of microwaves and so on. How about offering them a heated bed this Christmas? They are called thermo kitty mats, and they are perfectly heated for the comfort of your cat.

Again, there are a few options out there, but the one that we think will suit your cat the most is K&H Thermo Kitty Mat.

Pet Gear View 360 Pet Stroller

This is actually a gift for you and your cat combined. Cat strollers are quickly becoming a thing, and this is the perfect time to go for one. We all know cats and how they rule us! Therefore, it is not really an option to walk around with your cat in parks or roads. What is the option left then?

Yes, go for a cat stroller. It is fun. Your cat will hang out with you more than before with the help of a cat stroller around.

PERSUPER Cat Hammock Bed Comfortable Hanging Adjustable Pet Hammock

Cats love to nap around, and it is your duty to make sure your feline friend has something soft and comfortable to nap on. Therefore, the hammock culture comes into play! Hammocks are awesome. You can install them under a chair, under a table and most commonly, on a window. This is a recent invention in the cat industry, and parents love it.

M JJYPET Personalized Cat Collar

How about giving your cat something that will actually bring benefit for you? Think about a personalized cat collar. You can order them from Amazon today, and the sellers will custom create every collar for you. It is simple. Make sure that you are buying the right neck size option from the sellers and that’s pretty much all that you need to know.

We strongly recommend that you buy one of these and print your contact number on the collar. There are countless stories of how parents lost their cats, and the collar helped them find their friends again.

Don’t take a chance, please. This is not a regular Christmas cat gift. This is something that you need.

Legendog 5Pcs Catnip Toy

Catnip toys are great fun for your cats. The best part about going for catnip toys is that your cat won’t be harmed with catnip even if they want to. For example, if you go for a catnip tree, your cat might eat the whole tree in a day and get dizzy. That’s not what you want. Therefore, going with a catnip toy is the ultimate solution. They are fun, and they also make sure that your cat doesn’t do more than biting.

SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post

We already did a big fat review on cat scratching post where we reviewed the best 5 cat scratching posts. Therefore, there is no point in repeating the same information. You can check that article and buy a cool scratching post for your cat.

Scratching is something that comes naturally to your cat, and there is no reason why your cat will not like the scratching posts. If you are confused or if you are not sure that whether a scratching post is for your cat or not, buy a small one to test the water.

GABraden Interactive Cat Hunt Mouse Toy

They are super fun to play with your cat. We won’t say much about these toys because we have an interesting video to show you. They are super fun, and you will love playing with your cat using this Whack A Mouse Toy.

Veken Pet Fountain

Cats love to drink water from moving fountains. Why don’t surprise your cat with one of the finest fountain models from Wakrays? The price is very reasonable, and the quality is outstanding. There are other benefits too like this fountain will keep the water fresh for a long time.

On top of that, the price is very budget friendly too! Give it a try, and you will not regret.

Extra tip: automatic feeding is even more convenient and also gives a huge benefit for your cat’s health.

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower

Cats are curious animals. They love to explore and stay busy. One great idea to keep your cat engaged with a cool item is going for an activity tree. There are different models and types out there. The one that we picked is a very basic one. This one is called Pet Palace.

As you can see, the unit has enough fun activities stored for your cat, and there’s no way that your cat will not love you more after you offer this as a gift. Try it.

At the end of the day

So there you go! That is our list of top 10 Christmas Gifts that you can offer to your cat.
Now you know the answer to the question “what to get my cats for Christmas?”
Don’t waste time. Christmas is almost here! Go for something at least. Your cat deserves it.


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