10 Eye-opening Cat Facts

So, let’s face it. We cat lovers don’t actually know all about our feline friends, do we? In this fun article, know about the top 10 cat facts of all time! They are interesting, they are fun, and they will not be of any real-life help for you. Does that matter? NO! Let’s have fun with these facts about cats!

10. Sea Water

Did you know that cats can actually drink sea water without any issues? Human kidneys and cat kidneys are very different. Cat kidneys can easily filter all the salts that are there in sea water!

Sea water is way better than any water for cats, because they can’t go for a long time without it.

9. Cats Cannot Taste Sugar

Do you put a bit of extra sugar when you give your cat milk? First, milk is harmful to them, and second, cats cannot taste sugar, so it doesn’t matter. Cats are the only mammals on earth right now who can’t taste sugar.

8. Cats Can Talk

Cats can actually talk to other cats about things like hunger, danger, and stuff! There are around 100 words in meow vocabulary that they use where dogs have only 10.

7. Cats have Good Memory

Cats have as good memory and memorizing power as dogs. If cats do something, they will remember it for a long time (a few years). Though, cats will never be able to memorize things if they don’t do it on their own. Cats can only remember things that they do, not see!

6. Cats can Understand & Mimic Emotions

Cats can understand human emotions (happiness, sorrow) and they try to copy these emotions at times. If you are around your cat, try to be happy. Otherwise, your cat might get sad too.

5. Cats sleep at least 70% of their life time

In case if you didn’t notice, cats actually sleep a lot. According to studies, cats sleep at least 70% of their total life time. It means that a cat will sleep around 16 hours a day! It is said that by the time a cat reaches to its 9th birthday, it has already slept for 6 years of its life.

4. Cats and Dolphins can Communicate

Cats can listen to and understand the ultra sonic wave that dolphins use to communicate. Though cats do not communicate using that method, they are able to not only listen to but also understand what Dolphins are trying to say!

3. The Frontal Area of a Cat Nose

Every cat has a unique nose print. If cats were humans, the nose prints could be used like Finger prints.

2. Cat Doors Were Invented By Sir Newton

Did you know that the cat flaps that we see today are designed by famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton? One day, one of his cats was constantly making noises to go in and out of his lab. He then invented the cat flap model so that he doesn’t have to go and open the door every time for his cats!

1. Strong Paw/ Weak Paw

Like human beings, cats also have a strong paw and a weak paw. Most male cats are left pawed where most female cats are right pawed.

That’s it! Know you read 10 fun facts about cats. Did we miss something? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in comments!

Here you have it! 10 interesting cat facts for your pleasure. Wondering if cats can see ghosts or spirits? Check this article as well.


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