Essential Guide To Cat Doors For Windows & Sliding Glass Doors

Cat Doors For Your Windows

Cats are inquisitive animals.

All cat owners quickly discover how much cats value their independence and freedom. They enjoy being able to go outside and back inside whenever they feel like it. And, most of all, they certainly don’t like being stuck in the house all day long.

That’s why it’s a perfect idea to get a cat door. If you don’t want to drill holes in your wooden frame doors, there are pet doors specially made for windows and sliding doors.

Cat Door: Buying Considerations

Cat doors or cat flaps come in a whole range of shapes, sizes, and design to suit the size and shape of your cat.

It’s important not to purchase a cat door that isn’t big enough to fit your cat. Otherwise, you’ll need to put your cat on a serious dieting regime. If you have a pet dog as well, you can get a size that suits both pets.

Trying to work out what you need to know before buying a cat door is not always easy. Here is the essential guide to cat doors for windows and glass doors. Let’s take a look!

Types of Cat Doors for Windows and Sliding Doors

Installing cat doors for windows and sliding doors need to take into account safety and security. This often is the primary concern for customers looking at purchasing cat doors for windows or doors.

Many cat flaps are manufactured and designed intelligently to protect your home against intruders as well as the weather from outside.

If you cat door is wide open, this will leave your home insecure. That’s why cat doors for windows and sliding doors often provide a secure locking system. It allows your cat to roam freely while keeping you and your family safe.

There are some quite sophisticated secure locking systems out there. There are two main types of cat doors. Let’s take a look at the different kinds available.

1. Exclusive Entry

There are secure locking systems that prevent stray cats and other wild animals from entering your home. Only your cat can enter.

An example of this is the PetSafe 4-Way Locking Cat Door. Petsafe is a trusted name in the industry which offers owners many different options for cat doors. The company offers help when choosing the right pet door and you can always reach out to a customer service member.

  • This Petsafe model comes with a magnetic collar. The magnetic key in the collar ensures your cat is the only animal that is allowed through the door.
  • It features four locking modes that range from in only, out only, completely open and fully closed.
  • Durable aluminum material frame is fitted with weather stripping to ensure insulation of your home. It also prevents weather elements getting in.
  • The door is produced with a sturdy plastic material to ensure durability and security.
  • Available in four different sizes.

Keep in mind that the door needs a few seconds to close, this means that if another cat chases your cat in through the door, then this may not be effective. However, this only happens in exceptional circumstances.

2. In or Out Access

Another great option for a cat door is to be able to change the cat’s access to either “in” or “out.” This allows your cat to have independence, but still, you’re the boss.

For example, the Namsan 4 Way Cats Glass Door allows you to set your cat door to simply in or out and lock it completely when you need to. This means that if you cat is still outdoors when you want to go to bed, then you can just select “in” access only so that once your cat is back, they stay home.

  • The Namsan model comes in brown and white color.
  • The In or Out Access models are usually much cheaper than exclusive entry versions.
  • It is designed so that it can fit on different types of windows and sliding doors.

Installing Cat Doors for Windows and Sliding Doors

Cat doors can now be fitted to a wide range of doors and windows, even if your glass doors have double glazing.

However, some are easier than others to install. That’s why it’s important to consider the alternatives to some of the conventional models. Most require you to cut and drill holes.

There’s an alternative.

If you want to fit your own cat door, rather than get a professional, and you have a sliding door in your home, then you should consider a cat door that just snaps into place.

It’s easy to install. You just have to slide the panel into one of the ends of your sliding door track. And it’s ready to go.

Perhaps best of all, you don’t need to drill any holes in your sliding doors.

Easy To Install and Disassemble

This is important because one concern of many cat owners when considering a cat flap is the permanence of it. This allows you to purchase a cat flap and take it with you if you move place. You don’t even need to ask for permission.

If you intend on moving to somewhere else soon, but you’re still eager to give your cat the freedom of a cat door, then perhaps this is an important consideration.

An example of a great product that snaps into place is the PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door.Read the full review here.

Easy To Use

These options are trendy among cat owners because they are so easy to use. All you need to do is click the new cat door into an existing sliding glass door track. By doing this, you’ll also have more control over the size of the cat door. Of course, cats come in many shapes and sizes.

It also makes sense if your pet cat starts to put on the pounds, you haven’t wasted any money on a new door.

By choosing an option which snaps into place, you’ll also be able to secure your door with a provided lock quickly.

How to Install

If you’re doing it yourself, then the first thing to consider is where to install it. Cat flaps can be easily installed on your glass sliding doors or windows.

One top tip is to install the cat door in a sheltered area so that your cat feels secure when exiting your home.

Another consideration is the height of the cat door. This should be around the height of your cat’s belly. It means your cat can get in and out with ease.

Tip:If you’re not experienced with using common household tools and DIY projects, then it may be wise to leave it to a professional. It’s worthwhile spending a little extra to pay someone to install your cat door to make sure the job is done well.


Now that you know everything you need to consider when it comes to cat doors for windows and sliding doors.

It’s important that you compare different pet door brands for cat doors to purchase and install. You don’t want to invest time and money in a cat door and discovery that your cat won’t even use it.

There are many considerations from the type of locking system to the how you are going to teach your cat how to use the new cat door.

However, this essential guide will give you all the tools and information you need to get started on buying and installing cat doors for windows and sliding doors.

10 Top Cat Blogs Of 2021

So, 2021 is almost to an end. Initially, we thought of preparing an interesting article to finish this year. But then again, we thought of a better idea.

Why don’t we go ahead and compliment all the excellent cat blogs that have been doing brilliantly throughout the year? So that was it. We sat and prepared an awesome badge for the 10 Top Cat Blogs of 2021.

On behalf of the whole team here at Meowtee, we thank you for being awesome! And we hope that we will make the Internet a better place with cat info everywhere in the coming years!

Before we cut to the chase, we have to admit that it was tough. We found around 80 websites that talk about cats. Almost all websites had quality, but obviously, we couldn’t add all of them to our top 10 list! So, we kept on narrowing down and here’s the result.

We congratulate you all for making it to the 10 Top Cat Blogs of 2021. You all are awesome, and we really mean it. Before we get to the list, here’s a badge that we created for you to share the joy.

If you want to share this badge on your website, simply use the code from below! And let us know if you do so, we will love to share your site to our social media accounts!

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  • 1 10 Top Cat Blogs Of 2021
    • 1.1 The Catnip Times
    • 1.2 Way of Cats Blog
    • 1.3 PurrfectLove
    • 1.4 WWWAllAboutCats
    • 1.5 The Cat Blog
    • 1.6 Following Cats
    • 1.7 Kitty Cat Chronicles
    • 1.8 Pawesome Cats
    • 1.9 Cat Stories & Poems
    • 1.10 Poppy Cat

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10 Top Cat Blogs Of 2021

Now, we think all you guys are awesome, and we didn’t do any ranking for the top 10 blogs. All blogs that are mentioned in our list are equally important to us! Let’s start.

The Catnip Times

The Catnip Times

So, we start with the popular Catnip Times. The name is awesome, and so is their content. Some of their articles are way too emotional, and some are super funny. They mostly talk about cat grooming ideas and fun stuff. They do interesting product reviews too. We love them <3

Way of Cats Blog

When you first look at this blog, you don’t feel something instantly. Then you read it, and you get amazed. This is an old school blog that was started in 2007 by Pamela. The amount of content you will find in this one is outstanding. Pamela discussed almost everything that one can talk about cats in her blog. Cudos to her.


Another excellent blog with a cool name. I mean seriously, where do you guys find such cool names? PurrfectLove is more of a membership based site where everyone can register and talk about their purrs. They have also started a forum which is still new. They have articles on a lot of weird topics like “Is My Cat Sleeping a Lot”.


The name says it all. They are all about cats, and they have a good site. Doron who is the owner of this website is a brilliant person, and he made this website look fantastic. They do not only do serious postings. Weird articles like Space Cat Designs is also there which will make you pinch yourself. They are a new site but already doing well in the cat community.

The Cat Blog

They are a new site and already doing well. The one thing that we loved about That Cat Blog is their interesting ideas for articles. They even have posted an interview of two cats (Perry & Monty) on their website which we found brilliant.

Following Cats

The fun part about this website is that all the articles are written from the cats’ perspective. Confused? You can visit the site and check for yourself. It is an interesting concept, and we loved it.

Kitty Cat Chronicles

This website is all about six cats and a dog, sharing their stories. This is not a regular site like ours that talk about cat grooming or facts in general. This website talks about personalized stories related to those six amazing buddies. Emily, the founder, runs this blog and we couldn’t be happier seeing her content. Well done Emily.

Pawesome Cats

Pawesome has a lot of info on how to live with your cat, how to take care of their stress, how to understand their behavior and so many other interesting topics. The website is updated on a regular basis, and the articles are super informative in most cases which are more important than being interesting.

Cat Stories & Poems

This is a very different site than what we covered mostly. We are awarding you guys because you are poetic. Running a site which is all about cat stories and poems require hard work, and we are happy to you see you guys grow.

Poppy Cat

And we will end with Poppy Cat. They are not completely a blogging site. They have a shop too, but we will only focus on their blog for this article. They talk about cat fashions, how pregnant women should deal with cats and so many other interesting topics that we had to include them on our list.

So there you go!

These are the top 10 cat blogs of 2021. They are cute, they are smart, and they are super informative. We hope you guys will continue to be so!

We wish all of you best of lucks for 2022!

Top Cat Nail Clipper – A Complete Guide

You know from the title that we will talk about everything related to the best cat nail clippers in this article, but we will talk about a bit more, to be honest. This is going to be an ultimate guide for you about nail clippers. You love everything about your cat, well almost everything.

You love how your cat’s beautiful, fluffy face is the first thing you see the moment you wake up in the morning, the way it meows and purrs as you brush your finger through its luxurious, silky fur; how it tip-toes its way on to your lap as you return home from a long day at work. And you never hesitate to give the best possible things in life to your beloved cat: the best premium cat food, the safest toys, the blood of the sacrificed, and the plushest beds and so on. But the one thing that all cat owners will agree on is that they absolutely, for the love of god, hate to clip their cats’ nails.

ProductsQualityOur Rating
Gopets Nail ClipperB+
The Whiskers Wishers Pet ClippersA-
Pet Republique: Professional Pet Nail ClipperA
The Kurma Nail ClippersA-
The Safari Professional Nail ClippersB+

Cat grooming is fun, and almost every owner looks forward to. You love to take a few hours of your day and turn in a spa salon intern: give your kitty a warm bubble bath with fur softening liquid soaps, quick-dry its beautiful coat with a hair dryer, clean out its ears, brush its teeth, sprits it with a little perfume and whatnot. But the one thing you just cannot get yourself around to doing is clipping its razor sharp, Wolverine nails.

Let’s be honest here though, clipping nails of a species that loves to stab and scratch you open upon the slightest movement is a tough job. One wrong move and you could end up losing one of your eyes to your kitty cat. But with the help of the best cat nail clippers, this dreaded process could soon become a thing of the past. This grooming tool could become your savior the next time you have to clip your cat’s nails. It is a great way to get the job without all the drama and the mess.

What is a cat nail clipper?

A cat clipper is a special nail clipper that is used to clip off the nails of cats. But a cat’s nail is very different from the more general nail shapes of other species. Unlike the nails of other species, it does not grow and turn blunt; it grows out to be very sharp and pointy. It also has a more tapered shape to it. Because the blood vessel on cat’s paws is blended in into its nails and is therefore difficult to detect, it is important to be extra careful when clipping their nails to avoid any bloody injury. A cat nail clipper is specially made in various detailed designs to clip off feline nails keeping these points in mind.

Types of cat nail clippers

There are many different types of cat nail clippers available in the market today. Each varies in design and results. However, the best cat nail clippers, of course, are made keeping in mind to put the cat’s comfort and safety first. Here are a few types on cat nail clippers:

1. Guillotine cat nail clipper

This type of cat nail clipper, as the name suggests already, is designed resembling a guillotine. It has a sharp cutter over an opening where the cat’s nail is inserted. After inserting the nail to the desired length, the clipped is clenched the sharp guillotine cutter chops off the nail tip. But unlike the authentic torture French guillotine, this nail clipper is very safe and comfortable on the cat’s nails.

2. Scissors cat nail clipper

This type of cat nail clipper uses the same mechanism of regular scissors. It cuts off their nails by snapping together the sharp blades from both sides.

3. Human nail clippers

Yes, you read that right. You can actually use your nail clippers on your cat’s nails as well! But while it will do the job of clipping the nails just fine, it may cause discomfort since human nail clippers are designed flatter and wider to match our nails.

Benefits of using cat nail clippers


If you own a cat, you know by know how excruciatingly painful it is to have your hands and faces clawed off by your cat’s deadly sharp nails. And if you have still managed to survive the blood loss and numbness from pain, there is always another one coming your way. However, our cats end up injuring themselves with their sharp overgrown nails just as well. Cats have a tendency to scratch faces and lick their paws. Having sharp nails could prove to be just as bloody and painful for your cats.


As prim and proper you cat may look from appearance, it is no cleaner than a public toilet, sorry. Your cat accumulates nasty debris under its nails from all the outdoor and bare feet walking and activities. This debris could spread harmful bacteria that could make your cat or your family very ill. So it is very important to clip their nails regularly.


Long nails can cause discomfort for the cat. It hinders their walking, running and hunting quality. When their nails overgrow, they tend to grow curled and tapered which can seriously hurt their delicate paws.

Cut the cost

You will never have to spend another penny at your cat’s grooming salon to trim its nails ever again! If you do the math, just imagine how much money you could save in a span of a year. 

What makes the best cat nail clipper?

The best cat nail clippers don’t just come by on its own. You have to know a thing or two to be able to pick the best one for your cat. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Pick one that is comfortable and snug in your hands
  • Pick one that comfortable slides in your cat’s nails without much trouble
  • Look for a clipper as sharp as possible to make the clipping process swift and painless

Tips and tricks for a smooth and effective clipping session

  1. Set the atmosphere and mood right – Do not go around running after your cat and force it to clip its nails. The only person you are going to injure here is yourself. Instead, let the cat come to you. Talk to it softly, and slowly introduce the clipper to it to let it know it is clipping time.
  2. Comfort – Make sure you are sat comfortably. Then, make sure that you have your cat enclosed lightly by your fore arm snuggly. Make sure it is not squeezed too tight and can balance its weight on your arms.
  3. Clipping length – This part is very important. Be very careful and informed about the length of the nail that has to be clipped. Clipping too far up could result in clipping off your cat’s nerve ending, eventually causing massive blood loss and pain.
  4. Slow and steady – Do not attempt to cut the nails in one go. Take small pinches, and take your time.
  5. Accidents – Just in case you do happen to have accidentally clipped off too further up and caused bleeding, apply an emergency stopper of silver nitrate pencils on the wound until you can get it to the vet.

5 best cat nail clippers reviewed

ProductsQualityOur Rating
Gopets Nail ClipperB+
The Whiskers Wishers Pet ClippersA-
Pet Republique: Professional Pet Nail ClipperA
The Kurma Nail ClippersA-
The Safari Professional Nail ClippersB+

I have compiled together a list of 5 of the best cat nail clippers out here so that you do not have to suffer from any more confusion when trying to pick one from a choice of millions. Here they are:

The Safari 770045 Professional Nail Trimmer

1st on our list of the best cat nail clipper is the Safari 770045 Professional nail trimmer. It is a sharp, stainless steel nail trimmer whose cutting edge will last you years! It has a safety stop that prevents injury.


  • It has an adjustable safety stopper
  • Grip support


  • The nail guards are not very effective

Check Price On Amazon

The Kurma Nail Clippers

The 2nd nail clipper to make it to our list of the best cat nail clippers is from Kurma. This nail clipper is made from strong, durable, stainless steel blades that are guaranteed to last you a long time without rusting. It also has a safety guard that lets you clip just the right length to avoid injuries. It has a very ergonomic, non-slip body that is comfortable on the user’s hand.


  • It comes in a protective and friendly case
  • Non-slip technology


  • Tends to crush the nails along cutting it cleanly

Check Price On Amazon

Pet Republique: Professional Pet Nail Clipper

This nail trimmer is made with high-quality stainless steel to repel rust or corrosion. It has a comfortable ergonomic design for user comfort, it features a safety guard to prevent injuries from over-cutting. Pet Republique also offers a lifetime money back guarantee on this trimmer. Now that confident is what put the Pet Republique nail trimmer in our list of the best cat nail clippers!


  • Spacious, comfortable handle
  • Non-slip technology
  • Protective guard and safety lock feature


  • No disadvantages

Check Price On Amazon

GoPets Nail Clipper

It is made out of strong stainless steel, it has a thoughtful ergonomic design and a safety stop. What made this trimmer one of the best cat nail clippers is that it comes with a free nail file to file sharp edges after the trim.


  • Free nail file
  • It has a spring mechanism for user comfort


  • The clippers tend to lock, but seldomly

Check Price On Amazon

The Whiskers Wishes Pet Clippers

The last and final contender to make it to our list of the best cat nail clippers is from Whiskers Wishes. This nail trimmer is a vet grade trimmer. It is made out of stainless steel and has a soft rubber body for stable grip. It is designed for both left and right-handed users.

This tool is commonly used by local groomers.


  • Veterinarian-grade trimmer
  • Designed to fit both left and right-handed people comfortable
  • Non-slip technology


  • Blades tend to overlap

Check Price On Amazon

Here you have your best cat nail clippers. We wrote another article titled Declawing Cats: The Ultimate Guide which you might want to read too.

Also, be sure to check and refer to every important point in the article to make sure you win the better side of the bargain for your beloved cat’s next nail trimmer!

Best Cat Scratching Post Reviews

Cats are probably one of the most beautiful species in the world and are probably one of the most popular pets and house companions today. In fact, almost 40 percent of households today, all over the world, own or have owned a cat or more at one point or another. Cats are not just a trophy pet to have around the house to show-off to your neighbors and friends. Cats are family to most people today. These creatures are what make a house home.

They provide us with a sanctuary of warmth and calmness. Your cat is the first one you cuddle into the arms of on an emotionally draining day and the first to call out to when to come home. They are a true depiction of grace, agility, and class. Everything they do demands awe and applause: from the way they gracefully tiptoe their tiny, fluffy paws towards you, the way they twirl and sway their puffy tails, the way they look into your soul with their gleaming, sparkling eyes and of course, the way they meow and purr their way into the warmth of your blanket on cold mornings.

ProductsQualityOur Rating
Smart Cat Bootsie Combination ScratcherA
4Claws Wall Mount Cat Scratching PostB+
Big Mama’s Scratch & Play PostB+
Pioneer Pet Scratch PostB+
Max & Marlow Pet Scatching PostA-

But, cats are not always as cute and cuddly as we would like them to be. We often tend to forget that our petite, fat and fluffy cats share the same bloodline with some of the most ferocious and fierce predators in the world: lions, tigers, panthers and the likeness of such deadly felines. And therefore, keeping to their traditions, your cats have and grow traits which can make co-living with them a dangerous affair: their razor sharp claws.

If you own cats, then you know by now that they have an insatiable tendency to scratch. They will unleash their Wolverine skills on your face, the furniture, the new LED TV, and basically anything that is important to you. But the dangerous part is that the claws of your fellow kitties can, and have caused some severe injuries to both humans and themselves from scratching and clawing. So, to project this unavoidable instinctual urge, many cat owners introduce them to a cat scratching post.

Oh, if you are interested to read the reviews only and nothing else, scroll down to the end of this article for the complete reviews!

So, What Exactly Is a Cat Scratching Post?

Remember the times your mother put you on a silicone pacifier every time you would start sucking on your thumb? Well, a cat scratching post is used the same way on a cat to divert their urge to scratch random objects. A cat scratching post is simply a piece of furniture, usually made out of wood but can be made out of plastics too, which has a portion of it covered and wrapped in a rough or course material. This material is usually a tightly knit rope with a sandy and abrasive texture. Cats satisfy their scratching urges on these textured posts as a healthier alternative to scratching your face off.

The Best Cat Scratching Post will have just enough texture to make sure it is polishing and strengthening the cat’s claws and nails, while simultaneously meeting their urges. If the texture is too abrasive, it will end up sharpening their nails further more and hurting themselves. While, if it is blunt, they will not find it stimulating enough to scratch on the post any further. The Best Cat Scratching Post is definitely a balance between too sharp and too blunt.

Why Your Cat Needs a Cat Scratching Post?

So, let get one thing straight here: is a cat scratching post really necessary? Is it really not one of those fancy money scams that have functional value? With the millions of cat owners using cat scratching posts to address their cat’s murderous scratching urges, one it is for sure: this amazing furniture is doing wonders to your cats and is here to stay! Here are just a few benefits and reasons to get the Best Cat Scratching Post for your cat:

  • Free-range cats versus Domestic cats

What is wrong with the no-fuss, traditional way of cat-keeping? You could just keep them the way your grandmother kept them, all free and wild, right? Well, the answer is simple: no. Cats now are much more domesticated than they were decades ago. Cats long ago used to roam free, hunt and socialize most of the day outdoors and came back to a home for shelter only. However, chances are the cat you have, spends most of its hours inside a closed house, with little to no outdoor activities. This is particularly the case, if you have luxury an excellent, home reared or vulnerable kittens that do not like to get out much. So, comparing our now-modern cats with the free-range cats is the problem is itself.

  • Natural instincts

Cats, whether they are wild or domesticated, or big or small, all share very close and similar traits and instincts. Apart from their condescending attitude towards you, you need to know that scratching and clawing are also very primal instincts they help. You may like you know or may have noticed that cats play and entertain themselves by scratching and pouncing onto its owners and toys. So, every time you cats slashed its claws on your face or brand new shoes, know that it does so purely out of its instincts. But whatever the reason may be, when its sharp dagger-like claws dig into your skin and flesh, the pain is always excruciating. Having a cat scratch post at its disposal will make sure that it can answer to its evolutionary habits on the furniture, and not you. Ouch!

  • Physical discomfort due to overgrowth

The nails of your cat naturally overgrow, if not trimmed, over an extended period. This overgrowth often hampers the cat’s natural walking and movement. Also, one other thing to remember is that feline nails tend to be curled inwards for hunting purposes; this feature met by nail overgrowth problem ends up both hurting the cat as well as interrupting its hunting performance. A cat scratching post makes sure to constantly keep the nails’ length at the check, as well as polishing and cleaning it. Cats take their manicure very seriously.

  • Blood and gore!

Apart from shredding your skin, your cat ends up hurting and injuring itself as well with its sharp claws. When the cat tries to scratch itself on the face or lick its paws, it long overgrown and sharp nails end up scratching of the cat’s own skin and fur. Worst case scenario: your cat can often do this on purpose due to stress and health issues. Yes, cat scratch and claw surfaces to stress on. The result could be devastating. The open wounds are not only painful, but can also lead to fevers, infections and more.

  • Marks everywhere

Needless to say, if there is no cat scratching post around to take out its madness on, the cats will not only scratch and claw you, but also claw just about anything in front of it: your brand new designer shoes, the cashmere woolen sweater, the TV, the polished furniture and more. I mean, why not just get the poor cat a scratch post instead of having it scar and mark every inch of the house? Not only are the marks ruining the appearance of your household products, but it is also just as expensive to have those repainted or repaired.

  • Stimulation

A cat does whatever it wills; there is no stopping it. And one reason behind why they are always in Wolverine mode is also because they simply enjoy it! Not always do they have to scratch and claw your eyeballs out for polishing or trimming purposes. They do it because it feels good, simple. The nerve endings under their nails are awakened and shaken whenever they scratch any surface they like, eventually producing a sensation. This also ends up toning their muscles gradually over a period. So, instead of letting your cat have its way on your expensive curtains, get it a scratching post.

  • Alternative to Declawing

One of the most important reasons to getting a cat scratching post would be in an attempt to avoid a declawing procedure on your cat. Declawing is a procedure in which a cat’s claws are cut off at the tip of the paws, rendering it clawless and nail-less for the rest of its life. I really do not think there is any medical procedure more inhumane than this that can be done to a feline. A cat’s claws are what define it at the end of the day. It is its ultimate hunting tool.

Declawing a cat is like clipping the wings of a flying bird. It is like robbing it of its very entity. And why do people declaw? They do it to address its scratching urges, permanently. So, in an attempt to prevent declawing, get your cat a scratching post instead. You will feel much better about yourself too.

Here are just some of the benefits of getting your cat a scratching post. Some more include using it for the purpose of entertainment, for improving motor and hunting skills, etc. Now that you know why your cats need a scratch post, I will proceed on to help you find the Best Cat Scratching Post possible by guiding you through all the features you need to look for in one.

Types of Cat Scratching Post

The Best Cat Scratching Post is obviously not going come by so easily since there are hundreds of them on the market today. To get to the Best Cat Scratching Post, you need you know about a few of the many types of scratching posts available out there in the market. Here are a few basic scratching posts that will cover you for the most parts:

  • The Long/ cylindrical scratching post

This type of cat scratch post imitates a long pillar which is perpendicular to a flat base. The tubular scratch post is coiled and wrapped in the textured rope material for the cat to scratch on. This type of scratch post is ideal for cats that have a tendency to stand and stretch while scratching the post. It can be scratched on from nearly every direction. The cylindrical scratch post is the most basic and common types of cat scratch post. It requires minimal space, and it is a great choice if you would not like to commit to a more advanced or expensive scratching post.

  • The flat scratching post

This type of scratch post is, like the name suggests already, a 2-dimensional flat scratch post. This is also one of the more common and basic scratch posts, but what makes it a unique is that it can be hung on a wall like a frame where the cat can scratch away. It can also be used on the floor as a floor scratch post (flat or elevated at an angle). This type of scratch posts are great for short, tiny and petite cat breeds, like the Munchkin, that cannot climb and stretch vertically too often due to their physique.

  • The Hybrid house-like scratching post

This is the more advanced and flexible variety of cat scratch post. It is often a combination of different types of scratching posts put together. This scratch post has small cubic boxes that have holes for entry and exit for the cat. These cubic boxes are raised in height by a pillar scratching post. This type of scratching post almost looks like a small tree house. What makes hybrid scratch post different is that is made for more active felines, like the Bengal cat, that love to climb heights and jump around on the post.

While the most basic cat scratch posts come as is, the Best Cat Scratching Post comes with great entertainment and training features. Many come with themes like the jungle, or a tree house. They also have various cat toys attached to the posts to keep the curious cats busy. Some may even include food and water bowl. Be sure to observe your cat’s breed, temperament, and activeness before choosing a scratching post. Remember, the most expensive and visually appealing post does not always make for the Best Cat Scratching Post, in fact, the Best Cat Scratching Post will be the one that meets’s your feline friend’s basic and unique demands the most.

What to Look For In a Cat Scratch Post

The Best Cat Scratching Post will always have a few features that separate it from the crowd. Make sure to look for these key points when buying one:

  • You should look for one that can be scratched on from multiple directions unless it is a wall-mount scratch pad.
  • Make sure to look for one made from sisal fibers. Sisal is durable, fibrous and textured near perfectly as opposed to other abrasive materials
  • Look for a scratcher that preferably comes with a toy
  • Make sure the one you get it not weak or wobbly. Pick a scratcher with good stability
  • Pick one big enough for your cat to stretch vertically on to.


Following a few tips and tricks could make your experience with your Best Cat Scratching Post even more enhanced and effective. Here is a little something you help you out:

  • Placement

Make sure to place the cat scratcher right in front or near the cat’s sight. Do not tuck it away in corners like you would with its potty tray.

  • Lure

You may notice that your cat isn’t too interested in the scratcher at first. And that is perfectly normal. Just lure it with some cat nip or laser toys onto the scratcher.

Now that we have gone through all the nooks and crannies of a cat scratching post, I will put forward a selection of the top 5 cat scratching posts in the market today so that you can get to choose the Best Cat Scratching Post from it. Here they are:

Cat Scratching Post Reviews

ProductsQualityOur Rating
Smart Cat Bootsie Combination ScratcherA
4Claws Wall Mount Cat Scratching PostB+
Big Mama’s Scratch & Play PostB+
Pioneer Pet Scratch PostB+
Max & Marlow Pet Scatching PostA-

The SmartCat Bootsie’s 3 in 1 Cat Scratcher

First on our list of The Best Cat Scratching Post is the SmartCat Bootsie’s 3 in 1 cat scratcher. This cat scratcher is flat and long. It weighs 4.8 pounds and measures 2.5 x 7 x 24 inches in dimension. The SmartCat Bootsie’s 3 in 1 cat scratcher fiber from woven sisal which is much more resilient and durable than the average wound sisal. What makes the SmartCat Bootsie’s 3 in 1 cat scratcher is that it can be used in 3 different ways:

It can be mounted on to the wall, it can be stood on its feet which have rubber pads to avoid slipping, and it can also be used flat as a floor scratcher. The SmartCat Bootsie’s 3 in 1 cat scratcher’s sisal is fibrous and just perfectly coarse enough to naturally lure your cat into scratching it.


  • It can be used in 3 different positions
  • Ideal for almost all types of cats


  • It has a very pungent “chemical” smell to it
  • It does not have any luring or inviting props

Check Price On Amazon

4Claws Wall Mount Scratching Post

This scratching post for cats from 4claws is, as the name suggests, for installation on the wall. The unit measures 5.7 x 5.5 x 26 inches in dimension. This post is a tall and vertical one that allows for vertical scratching and stretching. Interestingly, it has adhesive stainless steel mounting hooks for easy installation and replacement, making it steady and stable on the wall. One of the features that put this on our list of the Best Cat Scratching Post is that it is 100% recyclable and made with recycled but premium pressed cardboards to ensure durability.

This cat post also has a slightly curved end to it on the bottom which makes scratching the cat’s rear claws very easy.


  • Has replaceable wall mount components
  • It has a curved base to facilitate scratching on the rear claws as well
  • Environmentally friendly


  • It is a little small for big cats

Check Price On Amazon

Fat Cat Big Mama’s Scratch ‘n Play Ramp for Cats with Catnip

This scratcher from Fat Cat Big Mama is a flat scratcher which is conveniently inclined enough for comfortable scratching. It weighs 1 pound and measures 19.2 x 1.5 x 7.5 inches in dimension. What makes it a contender to be the best cat scratching post is that it comes with a helping of the company’s natural cat nip to entice the cat to the scratcher, and a free toy. This scratcher is made from all natural, recyclable materials.


  • Comes with cat nip for luring the cat
  • An environmentally friendly product
  • It comes with a free toy


  • It is not durable enough for long term use

Check Price On Amazon

Pioneer Pet SmartCat Post

This cat scratcher from Pioneer is a pillar scratcher. The post weighs 17.6 pounds and measures 16 x 16 x 35 inches in dimension. This SmartCat lets the cat scratch and stretch from all 4 directions in vertically.

It is woven out of fibrous and durable sisal fiber. It is study and stably standing on a base.


  • It is big enough for almost all cat breeds to use
  • It can be scratched on from all 4 directions


  • Its sisal is woven too tightly and giving a very hard feel to it; claws get stuck

Check Price On Amazon

Max and Marlow Tall Scratch Post

The last, but not least by any means, contender to make it to becoming The Best Cat Scratching Post is a pillar scratcher from Max and Marlow. It weighs 6.6 pounds and measures 16.11 x 16.11 x 25.15 inches in dimension.

It is made from fibrous and coarse sisal. One of the best features is that it has a hanging toy attached to a string from the top.


  • It can be used by almost all types of cats and is long enough for little cats to climb on
  • It comes with an entertaining toy


  • It is short for adult or large cats to stretch on it

Check Price On Amazon

Go through the list and be sure observed and identify your cat’s personal and specific needs from it. Now, finally, you are all set with all the right information and knowledge to pick out the Best Cat Scratcher Post for your cat. Good luck!

Declawing Cats: The Ultimate Guide

Declawing cats, possibly one of the most discussed topics in the cat blogs all around the internet! Is declawing cats wise? Is it safe? There are way too many questions, and someone had to answer those. Therefore, we decided to create one big article that will cover anything and everything related to declawing cats.

In case if you don’t know what Declawing Cats is, Wikipedia says that it is an operation that you perform to take out the end phalanges (Shout out to all Friends Fans) of animal’s toes. Let’s not go that far! We all know that declawing cats simply mean that taking care of their extra part of nails so that we don’t get scratches.

If you are living in North America, Declawing might have been a very common task that you perform or ask your vet to show you. In many parts of the world though, declawing is seen as a harmful activity. Declawing itself is not bad, to be honest. But you have to make sure that you are not cruel about it. There are certain things that you can do, and there are certain things that you should never do when you are declawing your cat.

We will look at everything in this article.

Don’t worry!

Declawing Your Cat

best cat nail clippers

Before we go ahead and talk more about declawing, you should know that it is risky! Some people think declawing cats is as easy as going for a manicure, but it is nothing like that. You can’t just declaw your cat like the way you cut your nails. If you are confident that you are going to declaw your cat, make sure that you take it as a surgery and not as a regular thing to do.

When you are declawing your cat, you are simply taking a dead part of the nail out of your cat’s paw. To do this, you have to be very careful because a major part of soft bones is attached to the dead part. It is not like us humans, where you can easily differentiate the dead part of nails from the painful parts. In paws, it is tough to address, and if you have a furry cat, it becomes even more difficult.

Is it Painful?

Yes, it is!

Cat parents do not realize that declawing cats is one of the most painful experience for them. Even if you do it the exact right way, your cat will still feel pain for at least a week before the nails grow again. It is tough, and thus, you will see cats jumping around in pain after declawing is done.

You will hear arguments that if it is done right without touching sensitive bones, it is not painful but do not believe that. Yes, probably one percent of vets around the world can make it painless for your cats but it is still a high-risk operation, and there is no point in taking the risk if you love your cat enough.

So, What Should You Do?

You see, claws or nails are your cat’s defense system. They need it to feel safe, and it is their natural habit to scratch around with their beautiful nails. We have heard reports of cats changing their behaviors after they were clawed. Though the vet community does not buy this idea, we still think you should not go for declawing your cat.

If you really have to take care of your cat’s scratching needs, one good idea is to go for a cat scratching post. We did a whole article on that topic so it should not be tough to find the desired scratching post for your cat. Your cat might still want to scratch those sofa and bed covers, but the tendency will be much lower.

Negative Effects of Declawing

By now you already understood that declawing is not one of the greatest things to do! Let’s go deep! What are the negative effects of declawing your cat? There are a few of them, and each is dangerous enough individually!

Obviously, the pain is there to worry about. Declawing is a painful experience for your cat, and you do not want your cat to go through this. There can be discussions on the level of pain, but there is no confusion with the thought that this is a painful process.

The second point to worry about is the infection. Paw is a very delicate place, and your cats walk everywhere with their paws. At one time your cat can be on sand, and next moment, you will find it on top of your toilet cover.

Infections can easily come from any of these locations. There are germs everywhere so you should not take chances.

The next effect is nerve damage. Every paw (even human feet) has nerves that are directly connected to the brains. You do not want to mess with the nerves. The effect of nerve damage can be long term, and it can even result in brain diseases for your cat.

Apart from these major negative effects, there are those weird ones too.

For example, you know that cats like to scratch and hide their ‘things’ after using a litter box. As your cat will have pain in scratching now, it might stop using litter boxes.

Do you want that?

We don’t think you do!

Best Alternative Out There

Think about it. We are talking about declawing here. So the main issue is cat nails. The only option that we see is going for cat nail caps. These are plastic made soft caps that will keep your cat’s claws hidden.

Check Cat Nail Caps On Amazon

The idea is simple. Try not to do anything about your cat claws at all. If you really have to do something and there are no other alternatives out there, go for Cat Nail Caps. This is not a great choice but a decent one to fix problems.

Worlds longest cat: Mymains Stewart Gilligan (aka Stewie)

We are huge fans of Stewie the cat. Unofrtunately, his official site is unavailable. This is why we are sharing the information about Stewie here

On August 28, 2010, at the Nevada Humane Society, Mymains Stewart Gilligan was measured in an attempt to break the World Record for the World’s Longest Domestic Cat. On that day, Stewie measured in at a whopping 48.5 inches. There were several witnesses on hand to give their statements. Dr. Judy Byarlay certified the measurement and our evidence was then submitted to the fine folks at Guinness World Records ™.

On October 12, we received an email from Guinness confirming that they had awarded the world record to Stewie. We received the certificate on October 14, 2010.

In February 2011 we decided to go for another record for Stewie. On February 13, Stewie once again visited the Nevada Humane Society for another measurement… his tail. He broke the previous record by one-third of an inch. In March we received the certificate for Stewie’s record breaking 16.34 inch long tail.

In June of 2011, Stewie was certified as a Therapy Cat. He has spent time with the folks at Regent Care in Reno. We also spent time with the preschool children of Miss Mary’s class at A Child Garden in Reno. Our big dream for Stewie was to someday take him to visit the children at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Stewie visited many cat shows and other events to help promote TICA and the Nevada Humane Society.

On Christmas morning of 2011, we awoke to find Stewie with a greatly bulging eye… We originally thought he just had some conjunctivitis, but this bulging proved us wrong. We rushed Stewie to the emergency vet. Exams were done, as well as x-rays and fine needle aspirations.

That was the day our world crashed down around us. It was found that Stewie had a mass behind his eye. The days that followed were a blur. From the inconclusive CT scans and veterinarians that seemed to have no interest in helping us to find information to phone calls to figure out what was next, we were working hard to try to figure out if we could save our boy.

After being told that we should take him to Davis to find out the problem, we were still lost. We had visited Davis before with other animals only to have them die while they were there. We did not want to go there.

In January of 2012, after Stewie’s illness had appeared in the Reno Gazette Journal, we met an angel… Mary Jo Barrett… She got her son, Dr. Barrett to agree to have Stewie seen at Eyecare for Animals at no charge. Stewie went in for a surgical biopsy with Dr. Steele. The diagnosis was grim… Lymphosarcoma. Cancer.

After a lengthy search, we found that our only treatment option was over 100 miles away in Sacramento at Vet Centers of America. Stewie began treatment under Dr. Crowe’s care on January 23, 2012. There were 11 doses of radiation and countless doses of chemotherapy. Each time, we travelled over the pass to Sacramento.

After many trips over the pass, I discovered Dr. Bob Baker at Baring Boulevard Veterinary Hospital. He was able to administer Stewie’s chemo in Reno! This meant a lot less stress on our boy. He still had to go to Sacramento, but far less often.

In July 2012, Stewie achieved remission.

That remission was short lived… by October, the cancer had returned in a much more aggressive form. We returned to treatment. We fought hard.

Stewie was well enough to turn Christmas 2012 around. Two weeks prior to Christmas, we put out the word.. Stewie would play the role of Santa Paws. We begun collecting cat toys for the cats at the Nevada Humane Society. On Christmas Eve, Stewie delivered over 500 toys to the homeless cats. What a feeling.

Stewie made his final public appearance on January 27, 2013. We made the long trip to Portland to attend the TNCC cat show and to say goodbye to friends and fans.

Sadly, Stewie passed away just 9 days later.

Stewie was named World’s Longest Domestic Cat Ever in March of 2013. To this day, none of Stewie’s records have been challenged.

We are trying to continue some of the good things Stewie did… Santa Paws 2014 Drive will begin on December 1st. Email me if you wish to donate.

Thank you for loving our boy!

His is loved and missed every moment of every day. Until we meet again at the Bridge!