Best Automatic Cat Feeder: 5 Wise Options in 2021

Why do we need to talk about the best automatic cat feeder buying guide at the first place? That’s because we love our cats and we want to make sure that they do not have to suffer starving even for a second.

Now, even today, many people think that going for an automatic cat feeder is not worth it since you can always manually take care of the feeding requirement of your cat. That’s true!

But at the same time, think about it. There is no harm in it, this is the latest technology, and this actually helps in your cat’s well-being. Automated cat feeders actually help you be on a perfect schedule when it comes to the diet of your cat. Diet is essential as it can help your cat get rid of issues like vomiting, dental problems and so on! Thus, we had to do this best cat food dispenser buying guide and review.

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What will we do today? We will first have a look at the top 10 best automatic cat feeders that you can go for right now! After you check out the comparison, we will go ahead and talk details about their features, why do we need these feeders, the benefits and everything required.

Let’s start.

Top 5 Automatic Cat Feeders in 2021

Pet feederMeowtee rating
Visual Pet Automatic Feeder CatA
PetSafe Automatic Pet FeederA
PetSafe Healthy Pet Simple Feed Automatic FeederA
HoneyGuaridan Automatic Pet FeederA
Petnet Smart FeederA-

You already saw our top 10 best-automated cat feeder units in the comparison chart above. This is the time when we talk details about the top 5 picks from those 10. Let’s not waste any time and start.

Visual Pet Automatic Feeder Cat


The first one in our list is the famous Feed & Go Smart Pet Feeder. This is undoubtedly the best one that you can go for at this point of time. There is nothing that is not there in this unit, and this is certainly the best one. Why are we so obsessed about Feed & Go? That’s because this is an advanced model that takes care of your cat if you are good with tech.

Let’s talk about the features of this unit in details, and you will know what we are talking about.

The first feature is that it can deal with both wet and dry food types which is a big plus. The unit is big enough to cater your cat for a long period which is also good.

The best part about this automated pet feeder is that if you are good with tech, you can manage it at ease without even being near to the feeder for a few days. The machine is always connected to your home WIFI network, and it will continuously give you feed via the noise catcher and the small webcam that it has. You can see all the visuals and audio from your iOS, Android or even your PC. You can schedule when to provide food via the app, and you can also control the proportions.

There is hardly any better choice out there.

PetSafe Automatic Pet Feeder


If you do not want to pay a lot of money and still want a good product, the best idea is to go for something like Pet Safe Automatic Pet Feeder. There are different reasons behind choosing this unit as one of our top picks. Let’s start with the features, and you will understand. You already know that this is cheap. What about some other features?

There are different versions out there in terms of size so if you need a big or a small one; you can go for either. There is a small digital timer which is easy to use. The idea is simple. On set times, the food tray will open and on other times, things will be closed. The plastic is very well constructed, and it is BPA free so that there is nothing to worry.

The machine runs on battery, and there is nothing complicated about this one. Anybody with up to 5 cats can use this pet feeder and be happy about the results.

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simple Feed Automatic Feeder


This is another auto pet feeder from the same brand which is Pet Safe. You just read a review about another product of this same brand, and this is the next one. What is awesome or different about this unit you ask?

The prime feature is that this is big. If you have more than one cat or if you are going out for a long period, you need something like this one.​

This unit is big enough to go for up to 12 meals every day. There is a mode called slow food mode that will allow you to slow things down if required. There’s also those basic instant pause mode and feed mode in case if you want to break the routine.

The only sad thing about this one is that this does not look the best if you think about it. If that’s alright, there is hardly anything to worry about.

HoneyGuaridan Automatic Pet Feeder


The next on our list is the Honey Guardian. This is a combination of techie features and good pricing. The unit looks like a robot which is fun. You can offer up to 7 cups or 6 meals to your cat with this one.

The main feature is the built in voice recorder and speaker. You can record your voice of up to 12 seconds. So what parents do is that they use those 12 seconds to call their cats for food. Fun, right?

Petnet SmartFeeder


Petnet Smart Feeder from the brand Petnet is another fun unit that you can go for and be happy about. This is another product for the advanced and tech savvy people who would love to manage everything from their cell phone.

There are a lot of exciting features to talk about Petnet Smart Feeder too so stay with us!

Obviously, the feeder works with either the Android or the iOS app, so if you do not want to use an app based unit, then this is not for you and vice versa. You can easily manage pretty much everything using the app starting from feeding time to portion size. The app sends you notifications about food delivery and all which is satisfying.

The unit is big and decent sized. It can hold up to 7lbs of food at once and an example of being the best automatic pet feeder!

Benefits of an Automatic Cat Feeder

1. Better weight management

We’ve already touched on it, but let’s discuss it some more.

A fat cat is not a healthy cat. Obesity is the foundation of serious health problems like diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and kidney disease. Not only does this mean your beloved pet is suffering, but it can cost you a lot of money in veterinary bills. So why not save it?

Many cat owners simply leave food out for their cat to graze on throughout the day. When the bowl is empty, they fill it up. The problem with this is that you have zero control over the amount of food your cat eats each day. Automatic feeders are the perfect solution for better weight management. By dispensing exactly the right amount of food at the right time, you can help your cat lose or maintain a healthy weight.

2. Peace of mind for you

Perhaps the greatest benefit of an automatic cat feeder is the convenience for the owner. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing your cat is being fed whether or not you’re at home. You’ll also have a much healthier cat with a much healthier weight!

Like most of us, you probably lead a hectic life. Sometimes you oversleep or get stuck late at the office. Chances are you have enough of challenge regulating your own eating schedule, let alone your cat’s! Life in today’s hectic world makes it difficult to keep a set feeding routine for our pets. An automatic cat feeder will give you the peace of mind that your cat is being fed even if your schedule is crazy.

3. Less stress for your cat

All animals, including cats, have well-developed internal clocks. Whenever your cat starts weaving around your feet, you don’t need to look at the clock to know it’s feeding time. If it’s mealtime and you’re not home, this will create stress for your cat. The same goes for days when you oversleep and focus on making your breakfast instead of feeding your hungry cat.

And how often does your cat give you a “wake up call” when she’s hungry in the morning? Eliminate the stress for both of you by investing in an automatic cat feeder.

4. More freedom for you

Do you work long hours? Do you need to go away overnight? Do you have an upcoming business trip or weekend getaway? Rather than stressing about finding a pet sitter, enlist the help of an automatic feeder. Many feeders are large enough to hold up to a weeks’ worth of meals!

Just fill it up, program it for meals, and your cat will be automatically fed while you’re away.

5. Control when your cat eats

If you’re trying to set up a feeding schedule for your cat, an automatic feeder is a perfect solution. Many feeders are fully programmable. If you want your cat to eat at 5 AM, 9 AM, 1 PM, 5 PM, and 9 PM, it’s literally as easy as the flip of a switch.

6. Control which pet eats the food

If you own several cats or pets, an automatic feeder could be your mealtime life saver! Does your dog constantly steal your cat’s food? Do one or more of your pets fight when the food bowls go down? Does one of your cats gulp down her food while the other one never gets enough?

Automatic feeders can solve all these issues.

Some models come with electronic microchips that react only to the matching chip in your pet’s collar. By equipping each of your pets with their chip and their feeder, each will get exactly the food they need.

7. Less bugs

Have you ever left out bowls of food when you went away for the weekend and came home to a house full of bugs? An automatic cat feeder is a clean, mess-free solution. Because less food is sitting out, it will attract fewer bugs.

Potential Cons of an Automatic Cat Feeder

This guide won’t be complete if we miss out on the possible cons of automatic feeders.

1. Can be noisy

Although most cats will get used to it, some automatic feeders can make a lot of noise. This is important to consider if you’re a light sleeper or if your cat is sensitive to noise. You don’t want to make cat anxious when you’re trying to make their life easier!

And you certainly don’t want to wake up at 5 AM every morning to the sound of dispensing food. Make sure you choose the unit with minimal noise.

2. Food can get jammed

If you put in the wrong type of food (or the wrong size), the feeder can get jammed. And because it is a machine, it will eventually wear out and break. Be sure to research the best models before you make any investment.

3. Tipping hazard

Is your cat exceptionally large, strong, or clever? If so, she may quickly figure out where all her food is being stored. And if she’s able, she could break into the feeder and ruin your perfectly programmed meal times.

These are a few potential drawbacks of an automatic cat feeder. But you’ll probably agree that the list of benefits far outweighs any possible cons.

Things to Look For When Bying an Auto Cat Feeder

There are certain things that you should look for when you are buying a cat feeder. These are the things that will determine whether the feeder is good enough or not. Though there can be a ton of things and obviously, they vary from each other to a large extent, there are some basic ones too. This section is all about those basic elements that you should look at.

1. Capacity

You have to make sure that the capacity is good enough when you are going for an automatic cat feeder. None is the best auto cat feeder unless the capacity is decent enough. If you have to open the feeder and store more food every day then you could have just used the manual method, isn’t it?

Therefore, it is important that you go for a good capacity unit.

The next thing to look at is the scheduling. Unless you are buying one of the app based technique units, most of the feeders only open once or max twice a day on fixed timing. Is that what you want? If that’s the case, then you are fine but think about it. Maybe you want the cat feeder to open six times a day for a smaller period. You can’t play with these timing methods when it is a fixed unit.

2. Food type

Food type is the next thing that you should look at. Do you feed only dry food to your cats? If that is the case, then there is nothing to worry about. All cat feeders under the sun can accept dry food, but if you also feed them wet food or a mix, then there are only a few options out there that you can pick from. You have to be careful in that case.

3. Additional considerations

  1. Choose a feeder that’s fully programmable. Those with preset functions may dispense the wrong amount of food to your cat at the wrong times.
  2. Ensure the feeder you choose can dispense the kibble size you feed your cat.
  3. Check the storage capacity and make sure it can hold enough food for the day, weekend, or however long you’re away.
  4. Be sure to buy a durable, well-constructed feeder, so curiosity doesn’t get the better of your cat.

Basically, these are all the things which will ensure you the best automatic cat feeder. Yeah, things are not that complex at the end of the day.

Automatic Cat Feeder 101 Infographic

Final Words

Finally, we would advise you that make sure you are spending your time before purchasing any unit and most importantly, make sure that you are not buying something that can harm your cat anyway. So if it is a plastic unit, the BPA should be there, proper cat proofing should be there and so on!

You will definitely enjoy the experience of using an automatic cat feeder.

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