10 Top Cat Blogs Of 2021

So, 2021 is almost to an end. Initially, we thought of preparing an interesting article to finish this year. But then again, we thought of a better idea.

Why don’t we go ahead and compliment all the excellent cat blogs that have been doing brilliantly throughout the year? So that was it. We sat and prepared an awesome badge for the 10 Top Cat Blogs of 2021.

On behalf of the whole team here at Meowtee, we thank you for being awesome! And we hope that we will make the Internet a better place with cat info everywhere in the coming years!

Before we cut to the chase, we have to admit that it was tough. We found around 80 websites that talk about cats. Almost all websites had quality, but obviously, we couldn’t add all of them to our top 10 list! So, we kept on narrowing down and here’s the result.

We congratulate you all for making it to the 10 Top Cat Blogs of 2021. You all are awesome, and we really mean it. Before we get to the list, here’s a badge that we created for you to share the joy.

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  • 1 10 Top Cat Blogs Of 2021
    • 1.1 The Catnip Times
    • 1.2 Way of Cats Blog
    • 1.3 PurrfectLove
    • 1.4 WWWAllAboutCats
    • 1.5 The Cat Blog
    • 1.6 Following Cats
    • 1.7 Kitty Cat Chronicles
    • 1.8 Pawesome Cats
    • 1.9 Cat Stories & Poems
    • 1.10 Poppy Cat

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10 Top Cat Blogs Of 2021

Now, we think all you guys are awesome, and we didn’t do any ranking for the top 10 blogs. All blogs that are mentioned in our list are equally important to us! Let’s start.

The Catnip Times

The Catnip Times

So, we start with the popular Catnip Times. The name is awesome, and so is their content. Some of their articles are way too emotional, and some are super funny. They mostly talk about cat grooming ideas and fun stuff. They do interesting product reviews too. We love them <3

Way of Cats Blog


When you first look at this blog, you don’t feel something instantly. Then you read it, and you get amazed. This is an old school blog that was started in 2007 by Pamela. The amount of content you will find in this one is outstanding. Pamela discussed almost everything that one can talk about cats in her blog. Cudos to her.


Another excellent blog with a cool name. I mean seriously, where do you guys find such cool names? PurrfectLove is more of a membership based site where everyone can register and talk about their purrs. They have also started a forum which is still new. They have articles on a lot of weird topics like “Is My Cat Sleeping a Lot”.



The name says it all. They are all about cats, and they have a good site. Doron who is the owner of this website is a brilliant person, and he made this website look fantastic. They do not only do serious postings. Weird articles like Space Cat Designs is also there which will make you pinch yourself. They are a new site but already doing well in the cat community.

The Cat Blog


They are a new site and already doing well. The one thing that we loved about That Cat Blog is their interesting ideas for articles. They even have posted an interview of two cats (Perry & Monty) on their website which we found brilliant.

Following Cats

The fun part about this website is that all the articles are written from the cats’ perspective. Confused? You can visit the site and check for yourself. It is an interesting concept, and we loved it.

Kitty Cat Chronicles


This website is all about six cats and a dog, sharing their stories. This is not a regular site like ours that talk about cat grooming or facts in general. This website talks about personalized stories related to those six amazing buddies. Emily, the founder, runs this blog and we couldn’t be happier seeing her content. Well done Emily.

Pawesome Cats


Pawesome has a lot of info on how to live with your cat, how to take care of their stress, how to understand their behavior and so many other interesting topics. The website is updated on a regular basis, and the articles are super informative in most cases which are more important than being interesting.

Cat Stories & Poems

This is a very different site than what we covered mostly. We are awarding you guys because you are poetic. Running a site which is all about cat stories and poems require hard work, and we are happy to you see you guys grow.

Poppy Cat


And we will end with Poppy Cat. They are not completely a blogging site. They have a shop too, but we will only focus on their blog for this article. They talk about cat fashions, how pregnant women should deal with cats and so many other interesting topics that we had to include them on our list.

So there you go!

These are the top 10 cat blogs of 2021. They are cute, they are smart, and they are super informative. We hope you guys will continue to be so!

We wish all of you best of lucks for 2022!

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